Manveer Gurjar can win in Big Boss Season 10 competition and he has the qualities to win in this contest



Manveer Gurjar can win in Big Boss Season 10 final. His outstanding performance, with entertaining capabilities will help him to win in this contest. He can attract the audience with his mind blowing stories. His speech is something which audience like to hear more and more. He has the capabilities to catch the attention of audience. In this show you need to be aggressive to win. You will have to take the charge and fight with other participants. Manveer Gurjar’s strong physical appearance and his temper will him to win in this contest. His capability to fight with other participants will keep him ahead in the competition. His capabilities of publicity make him unique. He is expressive and do not hesitate to express him. His acting is outstanding. Swimming pool and gym are included in this show to show physical appearance of the participants. There are a huge amount of people in the audience, who like attractive men and women. Manveer Gurjar’s physical appearance will certainly help him to get a huge amount of votes. Day after day his physical appearance is becoming wonderful. Bani is an attractive lady. With her beautiful appearance, her performances can help her to win in Big Boss Season 10. But, Manveer Gurjar’s patience with outstanding performances make him better candidate than Bani to win in Big Boss Season 10. Manu panjabi and Lopa Mudra are also strong candidates. They have a lot of fans. But, Manveer Gurjar is quite ahead to them in performances.

He is very confident in his performance. He proved his innate talent in his performance. His performance help him to gain fame very quickly. The audience is spellbound by his performance in Big Boss Season 10. In most of his shows Manveer Gurjar is able to hold the audience captivate. His unique techniques make his shows successful. This show help to gain fame quickly. By this show he became a superhero. He is now very popular among young generations. A huge number of people from audience will vote for him. His successful life as a student, businessman, social activist and many other qualities with his performance help him to become top candidate in this competition. He makes good relationship with Salman Khan. Salman Khan is very pleased with Manveer’s performance. Manveer comes from Noida. In his life he is a farmer. He is also a owner of dairy farm. Manveer studied in Delhi university. So, he has idea about every thing of India, which he shows in his performance. Manveer is giving loan to the people and  collecting money. Social media also portrays his good sides. According to Manveer, he is unable to control his temper. The websites or newspapers which collect the people opinions, those are saying that Manveer can win in this competition.




These 9 Braided Hair Styles Are For Spring 2017

Braid hair when it is wet and you can catch all the loose ends inside the braid. Two-to-three-strand halo braids are great for long-lasting style. When sleeping with braids, use a silk pillowcase to keep the braid from frizzing or falling out. Mist your hair with a light hairspray, before braiding. Practice and be patient when trying new braids. It takes time to get your fingers moving correctly.To make your braid look bigger is to braid one section of hair, pull it very loose, then braid it into a bigger braid. I am describing 9 braided hairstyles for spring 2017.

Three Braid Hair:

This hairstyle can help you to add extra beauty. This braid looks amazing and makes people guess how you made it. Divide your hair into three sections and then braid each section. You should use clear hair tie. After that, you have to braid the three braids together into one large side braid. This will give you the illusion of thicker hair.

Braided Bun:

This hair style is very easy and allows you to look great. First, divide your hair into three sections. The middle section should be thicker than the two on either side. After braiding each section, take the middle braid and turn the braid into a bun. Tuck these two braids on either side in the bun. One braid should be tucked from above whereas the other one should be tucked from below.

Heart Braid:

Start at the back of your part to draw a curved line. This should end just behind the ear and should be repeated on the other side. After that, pick a little bit of hair from the curved part and start reverse French braid from the crown. After reaching the ear, take in more hair into the braid until you reach the nape of your neck. Repeat on the other side and then join both the braids into a ponytail or a bun.

Triple Braid Bun:

First make three sections and then braid each of them. Do not loose up the braids if you have fuller looking hair. After making the braid you have to turn each braid into a bun and secure it with a pin.

 Milkmaid Braid:

Divide your hair into two sections and then braid each one of them. After that, take one braid and bring it up over your head to one side. Secure the braid with a pin and repeat this step with the other braid on other side. Tuck the end of the braid under the hair to hide the hair ties.
Fishtail Braid:

First, divide your hair into two sections. Then take some of hair from the left section (outside) and pull the piece across the top of the left section over the right section without twisting it. After that, again take some but from right section (outside) and pull it across the top of the right section over the left section. Continue doing this and stop an inch before your hair ends.

Dutch Braid:

Divide your curly hair into three sections. Braid these sections but a person will be crossing below rather than crossing within the center piece. After crossing this two times take the section from the aspect to add it in order to among the strand and keep on on the following side. Keep on this till the bottom of the neck after which continue normal braiding till you reach the end. Neat, clean dutch braids tend to look very prim and perfect.

Wrap Around Braid:

Start from one side with few strands. When you reach close to the ear on the other side, quit and secure it with pins. Then, take few strands from the 1 side but this time braid little bit away from your part till you reach close to the ear. Bring down the leftover hair under the already secured braid and safe with bobby pins. Another way to mess up this braid just the right amount is to use a barber brush.


Twisted Crown braid

From the top of your head on one side take two small sections and then add new section to the front and back sections. Now twist the sections together making sure the front one is going over the back section. Stop when you reach the back and just continue with normal twisting. Do the same on the some other side and secure both at the back of your head. Texturizing powder will work wonders on this braid.

These Makeup Tips And Tricks Every Indian Girl Needs To Know

Use a sponge or brush:For better result, use a sponge or a brush instead of your fingers to dab the foundation.A good brush will allow you to blend the foundation properly. So,use brushes for a polished look.


Choose suitable formula:Choose for a formula that is suitable for your skin type. Oil-free formulas are best for acne-prone skin, hydrating formulas are best for normal to dry skin.


Use brash to get medium to full coverage:Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush for medium to full coverage.


Wipe off the foundation which is not better:If your foundation does not look better, just take a tissue paper and wipe off the foundation from the cheek area. This will make the skin look natural and fresh.


Mix your moisturizer with your foundation:You can mix moisturizer with your foundation, it will help you to look beautiful.

Choose concealer lighter than your skin:Your ugly dark circles make you look tired exhausted. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your original skin tone. It will make your circles disappear instantly


Use fast-absorbing eye cream:Use fast-absorbing eye cream that allows the product to glide on smoothly and evenly.

Face powder makes you look flawless: The face powder quickly covers up any blemishes on the skin and gives it a smooth look. Face powders also absorb the excess oil and grease from your skin,It evens your skin.Face powder retain the color of your foundation. Face powder makes you look flawless.


Apply blush:Blush will make your face more beautiful. Applying the blush in layers will make it last for hours and provide an intense color. Apply the blush on your rosy cheeks. Apply your favorite blush for a natural glow.


Spray water on the eye shadow brush: If you want to achieve intensity using glitter or shimmer eye shadow, spray some water on the eye shadow brush then, put the product onto the semi-wet brush and use it on the eyelids.


Apply eye liner before the mascara:Eyeliner defines your eyes. It is an important part of every makeup routine. You should apply liner after the eye shadow, and before the mascara. Apply the mascara only after the eyeliner dries.


Use black eye shadow over the liner: To get an intense black color, use a deep black eye shadow over the liner. This intensifies your liner.

Use eye shadow as same color of eye pencil: Take an eye shadow that is of the same color as your eye pencil, It intensify the color of the pencil.

Use mascara to make your eye lashes gorgeous:To make your eye lashes gorgeous , coat your lashes with mascara, and allow them to dry. You would have noticed that mascara often gets runny because it tends to smudge over the already applied makeup. Apply translucent/transparent powder over the eyelashes then apply your favorite mascara. This will be extra attraction to the lashes instantly.Avoid adding excessive product on the length of the lashes as it will weigh the lashes down.

Use concealer to hide dark circles:Apply a concealer under the eyes to lighten the dark circles. It makes you look fresh.

Use a lip conditioner before applying lipstick: Apply a lip conditioner a few minutes before you apply lipstick. This creates a soft base and makes your lips supple. Swipe a coat of the lip color gently on the lips. and blend it with your fingers for a stained look. This adds a dash of color to your lips and gives a natural look.

Lip liner should adjust with the color of lipstick:  Lip liners must match with the color of your lipstick. It is best to buy those together.

Use a light color, shimmery gloss:Use a light colored, shimmery gloss all over your lips. Make sure you start by applying it to the center and then blend it outwards. The gloss will reflect light and make your lips look fuller.

Do not put concealer as a base: Do not put concealer on your eyelids as a base, it will cause your eye makeup to crease.

Apply pencil to the upper portion of eyebrow: Always apply your brow pencil or powder to the upper portion of the eyebrow.

Tips How to Recognise Fake or Real Makeup

How to Recognise fake or real makeup



Buy cosmetics from authorised retailers: 

This advice  is worth considering. It may surprise you, but even large stores can sell knock-offs. To avoid unpleasant surprises, don’t hesitate to visit the manufacturer’s website to check the list of retailers where you can purchase authentic products.

Good designer beauty products are expensive. Sometimes official retailers sell their cosmetics at reduced prices. But, makeup items with extremely high discounts are fakes. Good beauty products can’t be sold at a discount of 70%-80%. Before you make a purchase, ask an assistant to show you a quality certificate. If they refuse to do this, simply don’t buy this product.

Check the code, serial number, and information:

If the product is a counterfeit, then the first some digits of the bar code may not match the country of origin listed either on the packaging or product itself.  The serial number will not match. Before you buy something, make sure that the serial number on the product itself matches the number on the box. High quality cosmetic brands often provide their customers  information about everything of their products. If any cosmetic brand provide very little information about the product, then it isn’t authentic.

Check the website of the product:

Fake eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, and powders will not be able to provide everything in their websites like authentic products. To avoid buying a fake, visit the manufacturer’s website to see which colors of each makeup product are real.

Pay attention to the smell and authenticity:

Authentic cosmetics shouldn’t have any kind of strange substances or inappropriate sparkles in them. Fake lipsticks look less attractive. If the product has a bad odor then it’s not authentic. The fake mascara look different from its authentic counterpart.

Fake products will be different from real products:

The fake products will differ in size, shape, or color, and the overall quality. Most of the features of those products may be not satisfactory.


Test makeup products :

High-quality eye shadows and blushes should not smear or slide off during the day. A genuine lipstick will be always smooth and authentic designer mascara will never crumble.

Look at the logo and font on the packaging:
Original products have  distinct logos and fonts used for all of their packaging, which are very stylised. Fake products will not have the same logo.


Check consistency of the products:

Look at the consistency of the product. Sometimes fakes are creamier or softer than the genuine products. Don’t be fooled by this.

Check sponges and brushes:The brushes and sponges of some fake products will not be like original. You can spot a fake product by the sponges and brushes. Those can differ in shape, color, sizes and quality.

Check everything:
Fake products will often have uneven fonts, misspelled words, inconsistent patterns, and incorrect shade names printed on the label and leaflets. So, make sure to check everything.

These Tips Are For The Brides Who Wear Contact Lenses

These Tips Are For The Brides Who Wear Contact Lenses

Wash your hand before wearing lenses:  Throughout the day, you touch many things and  you definitely would not like bacteria to enter your eyes through your finger. Dirt that is left on your fingers can transfer onto the lenses.  Your hands should be washed and dried before using them to apply your contact lenses. So, before wearing lenses, wash your hands.

 Always put on your lenses first:I always recommend to put on contact lenses before applying any makeup.  It will prevent your makeup from smudging when your eyes get watery.  It will be easy for you to put on makeup correctly.


Use oil-free mascara:Using mascaras with strong oil-based substances can enter into the eyes and cause irritation. So, choosing waterproof and oil-free mascara while wearing contact lenses is the best option.


Always go for pressed powder: if you are wearing contact lenses , make sure you use pressed powder and not the loose one. It is because loose powder can easily enter in your eye and can cause irritation.


Go for one day contact lenses: Most people forget to cleaning their contact lenses. Dirt particles can transfer on to the lens and stay clog on them till clean the next time. Thus, it is better to go for one-day contact lenses.


Use non-allergic make up: try as much as possible to use non-allergenic makeup.


Do not use make up so close to eyes: Make sure to skip the eye-line between your eyes and lashes. Applying eye makeup products so close to eye can cause irritation.


Use water-based products: If you are applying any  creams around your eyes, make sure to choose water-based products rather than oil-based products. Water-based products will make you more beautiful.


Choose creamy eye shadow: You can choose a creamy eye shadow. Creamy eye shadows are more suitable to skin area around your eye.


Change your mascara if it cause eye infection: One of the No. 1 culprits for eye infection is mascara.  Change your mascara every two months. I recommend everyone to change theirs every one to two months. If you do get an eye infection, throw your mascara away immediately. Bacteria can grow in makeup and cause pinkeye.


Don’t use makeup if you have an eye infection: Don’t use old makeup, don’t share makeup, and don’t use makeup if you have an eye infection.

Take off your lenses before you take off your makeup: It is better to take off your lenses before you take off your makeup. Take off makeup by keeping lenses in your eyes can cause problems.  Make sure not to pull or tug at your eyes.


Eye remover should be oil and fragrance free: The eye makeup removers that you use should be oil and fragrance-free. Water-based makeup removers is what you should use. Always use cotton balls especially meant for cleaning makeup. You should not use something that leaves fibers behind.


10 Tips How To Look Glamorous For Beginners

All you beautiful girls out there, who want to get noticed and admired for looks and appearance but don’t know how to grab that desired look?

We have got some amazing tips and hacks for you all, so go out spread the magic of your beauty.

  1. Key rule- Be hygienic.

Take shower every day. You should take shower every morning and before going to bed if possible. You can also use a nice body wash or a shower gel. Taking shower everyday makes you look fresh and clean. Also, brush your teeth twice in a day so that you can give a big smile to people. Lastly, apply deodorant as smell of the sweat is too much gross.

  1. Your Rapunzel hair.

How you manage your hairs is the vital part of your personality. Always keep your hairs clean as no one looks good with greasy hairs. If you have dry hairs, no need to wash them often but if you have oily hairs, you need to wash them at least twice or thrice a week. Also, using right shampoo is important in order to avoid dandruff and damaged scalp.

Messy hairs are big NO as soon as you are out of your bed. Hairs can be straight, curly and wavy as long as they are smooth and perfectly arranged.

  1. Pamper your skin.

Skin needs special care to look great. Avoid pimples and rashes on your face and body. It’s important to remove your blackheads. You can try to do this at home or at a nice salon. Strictly avoid using local and non-branded make up products, they damage your skin. There are lot of branded and affordable products of L’Oreal, The body shop and many other. Make sunscreen your best friend.

Clean-tone-moisturize-repeat, remember this formula to get the flawless skin. This is the basic skincare routine.

Wax your hands, legs and armpits without fail.

  1. Take care of your nails.

It’s important to clean your nails and polish them time to time as it looks really bad to have dirt in nails. You can use vitamin E or castor oil to message your beautiful nails. Visit the spa often or learn to do manicure and pedicure at home. Apply 2-3 coats of nail polish to make your nails shiny. Change your nail color every 2-3 days and wear nail color that matches your outfit.

  1. Hit the gym.

Having a good and well-shaped body is cherry on a cake. Exercise burns the extra fat helps you to look fit and fresh every day. You should work out every day minimum for an hour, if not possible then at least 4 days a week. Eat lot of fruits and green veggies to stay fit and slim. When you successfully slim and tone your body you will automatically boost the self-confidence. And the best part is you can wear any dress and it will look good on you.


  1. Study make-up.

Always use products which highlight your best features on face and make you look like a diva. You can wear make-up daily or occasionally. But do not use natural colors and don’t overdo it, it should be shiny, natural and light. Again, do not use cheap and local make up products. If you use good quality products, it gives your skin different texture.

Initially, start with shimmery makeup base. Don’t use extremely matte foundation unless your skin is oily. Make sure you do not cake on glitter, it does not look glamorous at all. Glamorous is all about being natural and confident. You can wear colors like pink, beige, brown and black only for eye liners and mascara. If you love gloss then do not make it too sticky, if it happens then dab some baby power on your lips. Try and use natural lip colors and keep your blush barely noticeable. Keep your make up natural at day time.

  1. Be a fashionista- Clothes.

Your wardrobe determines whether you are glamorous or not. Make sure you wear clothes in which you are comfortable. You can try classic and cuts so that cuts of your body shows. Again, invest in good clothes. Try and avoid using clothes which are not ironed and clean. Do not dress too much fancy at incorrect occasions.

A black shiny A-line or a pair of black jeans with top and stilettos will look damn elegant. You can also take inspiration from old Hollywood films. As mid length skirt, silk tops. Learn what looks good on you.

  1. Decorate yourself with accessories.

Accessories and jewelries give a decent touch to your look. During day time do not wear glittery and shiny stuff which attracts too much attention but complements your outfit. A little gem in a necklace, small bracelet would do during day time. When it comes to evening, little shine is allowed. You can use pearl necklace is also a good option.

For golden necklace avoid silver earrings of bracelets, only gold. Make sense?

  1. Your footwear’s.

Your personality reflects from the type of shoes you wear. If you cannot afford to buy multiple footwear’s  then extremely  necessary shoes. One pair of classic shoes will go on your most of the outfits, 1 pair of flat shoes and one pair of boots which helps you to deal with bad weather.

You know what, you actually save lot of money investing in good branded shoes because, you don’t have to buy new one for next 1-2 months. If you require walking much then avoiding wearing heels more than 4.7inch.

  1. Finally, your handbag.

A black leather black is the best friend of every woman. Again, quality is important so invest in a good bag, shiny and plastic looks cheap. Slings are also in trend so try out some nice colors like brown, navy blue, black. Carry your bag well to make it look classier.

So now what are you waiting for girls? Go out and show off your beauty, you deserve every little prize and recognition. Cheers!

6 homemade recipes to make your skin glowing and smooth this winter

We understand that winters are not friendly with your skin. Cold weather and low humid results into dry air, later it takes away your skin moisture every day.  If you do not take intense care of your skin then it will lead to cracking and bleeding your skin. So, we have got some amazing homemade remedies  for you to keep your skin itching free and soft.

  1. Curd and honey face pack.

Take a bowl and add 2 tbsp of honey and 4 tbsp of curd and mix it well. Apply this paste on face and neck. Keep it on your face for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with luke warm water. Repeat this 3-4 times in a week to maintain softness of your skin.

2.Tomato face mask.

If you have an oily skin this mask will surely help you out. Take tomato, squash it well and make paste of it. Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of ginger juice. Mix it all well and apply it on your skin well let it dry for 10-15 minutes and wash it with luke warm water. This will help you to clean your face as well.

  1. Milk face pack.

Milk is the key ingredient which keeps your face soft and moisturized. Take a bowl, add 2 tbsp of milk, 1 tbsp of honey, 1tbsp of aloe vera gel, 1 tbsp of essential oil and add almond paste if you have oily skin else mix these ingredients well. Keep this pack for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with luke warm water.

  1. Coconut oil moisturizer.

Make coconut oil your best friend, it will moisturize your skin like anything. There are two ways to apply coconut oil.

  1. Apply coconut oil all over your body before you go to bed. And wash it off while having bath in the morning.
  2. Mix coconut oil in water while having bath or apply coconut oil after shower when your skin is warm as coconut oil will be readily absorbed. Follow this routine every day to keep your skin moisturized and soft.
  3. Yogurt face pack.

Yogurt will hydrate your skin also it has antioxidant property which helps you to fight with dry and itchy skin. Take a bowl and add ½ cup of yogurt in it, 2tbsp of mashed papaya, add 3-4 drops of honey for softness and add few drops of lemon juice. Mix it properly and apply on your face and neck. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. It will make your skin clean, soft and moisturize. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat this twice a week .

  1. Banana and milk face pack.

Banana is a splendid winter moisturizer. Take a bowl and add mashed banana, add 2 tbsp of milk in it or milk powder. If you have an oily skin then add rose water in it and honey. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with luke warm water.  Use this mask 2-3 times a week to get soft and lovely skin this winter.


All these face packs you can make at home and flaunt your soft and healthy skin this winter. Cheers!

These winter wears make you fall love with winters

These winter wears make you fall love with winters.


So it’s the time of the year where you need to layered yourself with lot of clothes. But it does not mean you should stop being fashionable, let’s do little R&D over it and flaunt your amazing fashion sense.

It’s all about figuring out how to look stylish while maintaining your comfort level and warmness. We all love to be covered with blankets and jackets, this is where layering will help.


  1. Layer up like a BOSS

Best things about winter is layering up will not leave you sweaty. It totally depends on what you choose to wear and your color selection. The classic way is pullover on a shirt and a muffler along with trousers will never fail. But experimenting with other style is also good. Try wearing pleated A-line or skirt with sweater and over coat on it. We are sure you will receive a lot of complements for this!


  1. Make friendship with leather.

Leather will work as heater for you in winters. But it will always give you that classy look without taking many efforts. A leather jacket is a winter essential every girl should have. Along with leather jacket, you can also experiment with leather skirts and pants. Here is one tip, wear one button shirt and add a layer of sweater and leather skirt and you are all set for this winter.

  1. Warm up with accessories.

Adding accessories like muffler, scarves and stoles will not only help you to feel warm but fashionable as well. Experiment with colors and they will add much more cuteness to your attire. If you are wearing a plain shirt or top you can layer it with super funky quirky print scarf/muffler. So now you know how to add glamorous look to your attire.

  1. Boots BootsBoots.

May be sneakers are trending these days but boots are the winter essential every girl should have which will never go out of style. If you want to look stylish without taking many efforts just catch your cute ankle length boots or knee-high boots, pair it with knee length socks. You can quickly get ready complete your look with these boots.


  1. Sweater Weather.

We all feel comfortable in sweaters. Our wardrobe is filled with those cute colors and patterns. We all should invest in sweaters. Sweaters can be paired with almost everything what you already have. Just pair your sweater with your clothes depending on the occasion.

  1. Beanie- Cherry on a cake.

Now this is something you already know. Beanies will never fail to give you that super cute look. Add few more beanies in your wardrobe with different colors and funky prints. You can also hide your bad hair day with this.


Try out all these hacks and rule this winter with your new fashion statement. Cheers!






Designer Indian Wedding Dresses Those Every Girl Wants To Try

When we talk about wedding the first thought comes in our mind is ‘clothes’. That also depends on which part of India you are. Dresses vary from lehengas to salwaar-kameez. Every girl wishes to look her best in the wedding.… Continue Reading

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Source: My Life and Style Tips

Designer Indian Wedding Dresses Those Every Girl Wants To Try

When we talk about wedding the first thought comes in our mind is ‘clothes’. That also depends on which part of India you are. Dresses vary from lehengas to salwaar-kameez. Every girl wishes to look her best in the wedding. Let’s see how we can rock this wedding season.

1. Designer Half Saree


Let your appeal do the talking. Pick up some fresh colors like yellow, pink with an essence of banarasi taste. Pick up a nice stitched blouse to complement your saree. Also, layer it up with good accessories to get that elegant look.



2. Designer Floor length Anarkali Dress:

Feel the richness and something in new in yourself by wearing some amazing anarkali dress. Beautiful net and georgette fabrics which is amazingly layered with zari, stone and embroidery pattern. Anarkali dress comes with satoon churidar and a beautiful net dupatta. So rock this look, wear beautiful earrings with elegant sandles.


3. Designer Lehenga choli- All time favourite:


Every girl wants to be the center of attraction and admired for her looks. Silk lehenga choli is the best choice. You can pick up colors like Red, blue, pink, black. Pick up some printed which is paired up with beautiful bangalori silk saree. To add volume to your legenga pair up with heavy blouse and elegant accessories.


4. Golden Embroidered Designer Saree:

Grab a stunning classic look with the delightful golden embroidered saree. Pick up colors like peach, yellow, red, off-white. Wear this outfit with cherishing accomplishments and ethenic earrings and you are all set to grab the public attention.


5. Wedding designer gown:

Gowns are the trend setter and an in thing for all types of weddings. For gown, go for feminine pestle colors like peach or lavender. Pick up heavy and flattering gown. Pair it up with elegant earrings and stilettos.

Best Bollywood Sarees You Need This Season

Have you thought that what you need most in this wedding season??? What will help you in stealing the show??? It’s time to pump up your fashion sense by hacking into best designer sarees of Bollywood divas and owning them… Continue Reading

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Best Bollywood Sarees You Need This Season


Have you thought that what you need most in this wedding season??? What will help you in stealing the show??? It’s time to pump up your fashion sense by hacking into best designer sarees of Bollywood divas and owning them like a pro!!!

Saree has an endearing love with Indian women; love which can never get faded and washed out from their life and wardrobe too. Women, whether rural or contemporary, can never get bored with this weave due to its exceptional charm and grace. Not just this, Indian wedding has no meaning without the inclusion of this adorable staple. For any traditional or modern style Indian wedding, months ago women start sneaking into latest designs and patterns of sarees. The best source of inspiration for fashionable and trendy women wear is Bollywood. Yes, no stone related to fashion is unturned in this industry. Whatever is shining out in world definitely would have come from here only. Hats off to our magnificent fashion designers & gorgeous beauties!!!

Want some tips for latest saree styles & hues??? Peep into these alluring online sarees adorned by these stunners & own them like a diva!!!


Yami Gautam In Blush Pink


This beautiful Indian lady is slaying everyone with her flawless skin. We all are pretty aware of the magnificent reach of this shade of pink. Blush pink is new bold in town and can make your look stunning for any occasion.

Slip into this gorgeous saree this season!!!


Divya Khosla Kumar In Pistachio


Pistachio is royal lady’s pick!!!

If you are a saree lover and love to keep it to top notch, pick this fabulous saree for your important occasion. Your choice of saree can tell about your fashion sense, so make it count!!!


Sonam Kapoor In Off White


When fashionista grabs something to embrace her beautiful body, any piece of weave can be designer. She always has some serious fashion goals for fashion lovers; so sneak into ethnic wear online and grab her brilliant saree. This off white saree is perfect pick for office parties and important evening events.


Sridevi In Black                                                              


If someone is in pace with present day beauties, it’s her.

Sridevi was captivating in her time, and she absolutely knows how to nail down everyone now also with her enchanting looks. The perfect fusion of pistachio and black is magical and inspiration for fashion lovers.

Peep into online sarees and find your perfect match to embrace this beautiful season!!!


Manisha Dubey

Super Six Foods For Guaranteed Healthy Hair

There’s no doubt in the fact that everyone wants a good hair. Men wish of hairs that will make girls awestruck while women dream for long, thick and shiny hairs that every man admire. Many studies have concluded that proper… Continue Reading

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Super Six Foods For Guaranteed Healthy Hair

There’s no doubt in the fact that everyone wants a good hair. Men wish of hairs that will make girls awestruck while women dream for long, thick and shiny hairs that every man admire. Many studies have concluded that proper diet and supplements can not only stop hair loss but also make hair grow healthier and denser. So why wait? Pick among any of the below mentioned super six foods and let the ‘hair-gain’ game begin.





How does it help – Walnuts aka the brain food is not only packed with healthy fatty acids like omega 3, but it is also a great source of Biotin – a nutrient that strengthens hair and reduces hair loss. Walnuts also contain Vitamin E – deficiency of which may lead to poor hair health.

Try eating walnuts in your breakfast or between meals as a snack.


Greek Yogurt


How does it help – Greeks have been eating this protein-rich yogurt since 500 B.C. (Boy, that’s a lot of time!) and no wonder why almost every Greek statue has a head covered with dense and curly hair. Greek yogurt is loaded with Vitamin B5 which can improve blood flow to your scalp and hence promote hair growth. Moreover, Greek yogurt is among one of the finest non-meat sources of protein and essential amino acids.

Greek yogurt is your ‘anytime’ meal. You can eat it as an early morning breakfast or evening snack.




How does it help – Oats are rich in fiber (highest portion of soluble fibers compared to other grains), Vitamin B1 and Iron. A bowl of cooked oatmeal fulfills your 15% DV of Zinc – a mineral which is essential for the growth of follicles.

Plus, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to prepare healthy oatmeal for breakfast. Implying, you will never be late to work.



How does it help – You would probably argue that oranges are better off with Vitamin C than guava. But the fact as 100 grams of guava contains 230 mg of Vitamin C while Orange of same serving contains as much as five times less. But why should you care? Well, the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology in its placebo-controlled study found out that oral supplement containing vitamin C may aid hair growth in women with temporary hair thinning.

Adding few slices of guava in breakfast or mid-morning meal can be a good choice.


Lean Poultry

How does it help – What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear poultry? I guess it is one of these – chicken, fish or eggs. Well, without enough dietary protein your hair growth may suffer. Women should consume at least 46 grams of protein per day while men should aim for 56 grams. Choose among rich protein sources like chicken, fish, lamb, and eggs.

Achieving this daily intake protein value may not be tough when you incorporate whey protein shakes in your diet.





How does it help – Yes, we saved the best for the last. Quite often, studies have concluded that deficiency of minerals like Iron and Vitamins like Vitamin D have led to hair loss and thinning of hair. Spinach, being not only an excellent source of Iron but also contains Vitamins C, B and E and omega-3 fatty acids.  Iron from spinach helps red blood cells promote healthy hair growth by helping RBCs to carry oxygen to scalp and hair follicles.

You can add spinach in your salad dish or even go a step further and prepare exclusive spinach salad.



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