10 Best Indian Beauty Brands

10 Best Indian Beauty Brands

10 best Indian beauty brands or we can say that make up brands are as follows:

  1. Lakme: It is a first brand that introduces the make up or cosmetic products for the women in India. In addition, the company innovates the product and launches it every year for their users.




  1. Revlon: It is an international brand that set foot in India. Revlon offers the wide range of lips, eyes, nails, and face cosmetic products.




  1. Amway: Amway is Indian product, who makes good reputation in the market. The products of Amway are awesome, and the wide range of products are available in the market with the brand name Attitude.



  1. L’Oreal: it is a glamorous product, which offer the wide range cosmetic product as well as hair products. This product is widely used by the women.




  1. Maybelline: It is a New York brand, which offers the huge range of lipsticks, eye tattoos that are recently launched. The colossal Kajal and the mascara have created the huge craze in the market.



  1. Avon: The products of Avon are awesome; every product is good for the skin. Thus, it is used by most of the women.



  1. Elle 18: The products of Elle 18 are mainly used by the teenagers or girls. The products of Elle 18 attracts the girls, and it is suitable for them only.



  1. A.C.: The products of M.A.C. (also known as Make up Art Cosmetics), which is mainly used by the make up artist. It offers the all kinds of cosmetic products.



  1. Shahnaz Herbals: This brand is started by the Shahnaz Hussain, it offers an excellent skin and cosmetic products.


  1. Chambor: It is an international brand, but renowned in India also because of its exceptional products.

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