10 Make Up and Beauty Tips By Shahnaz Husain

Ladies, that flawless and radiant skin is your paragon. However, it might seem to be an unsettling thought that skincare routine is equal to some Herculean task.Well, calm down, here are the best and easiest ways to take care of your skin.

First Things First

The very first step is to know what suits your skin the best. Your skin may range from dry to super sensitive in texture. Therefore, know your skin well before starting your skin care routine. Oily, dry, sensitive, normal all skin types require different kind of care. Keep green leafy vegetables and plenty of water as mandatory in your diet. Scrub and exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent blackheads. This is essential for people with oily skin to help skin breathe.

10 Makeup and Beauty Tips

  1. Morning Manoeuvre :

Start your day with yoga and exercises. Release of endorphins reduces stress, helping to keep that glow on.

2. Breakfast Boost:

Team up your yoga routine with a power packed breakfast containing whole grain cereal, banana, strawberries, kiwi, spinach, eggs, walnuts, green tea or yoghurt. Remember to include Vitamin C, antioxidants and protein rich products.

       3. Everyday Essentials:

  • Always remember the three steps- cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Use a cream based face wash for dry skin and gel based for oily skin. For sensitive skin, you need to carefully choose the products as to what suits you the best. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizers. This is absolutely essential for people with dry skin.
  • Use a sunscreen of minimum SPF 30, which protects you from UVrays, causing sunburns. Go for a sunscreen of matte texture if you have an oily skin and cream based if you have normal to dry skin. Remember to hydrate yourself enough before going out. Apply a lip balm, which contains SPF, as your lips need the protection too.

4. Pre-Requisites:

Before applyingmakeup, use a primer, which prevents the skin from absorbing all the makeup into the deeper layers. For dry skin, do not forget to moisturize your skin enough before applying a primer.


5.Finding Foundations: A good foundation is worth investing in. Consider the factors like, complexion, texture, water or cream based to find the correct foundation. Your complexion and foundation should not have huge differences in tone. Choose between matte or illuminating foundations according to your need.

      6. Conceal and correct:The easiest way to get rid of that dark circles areopting for a concealer. Use them in your T-zone area and chin. You can use a darker shade to contour your cheeks.

      7. Eyes:

  • This is the portion where you can do a lot more than you think. For a smoky eyed look, smudge the kohl in the lower and upper line with a brush and blend the black eye shadow with a dark brown eye shadow extending to the brow bone. Big, dreamy lashes never fail to impress. Use voluminous mascara and apply castor oil over night in your lashes to stimulate their growth.


  • You can use a white-eye pencil and apply it in your lower water line to make your eyes look bigger. Go for brown or turquoise blue gel eyeliner, with dresses of pastel shades and floral prints.


8. Lips:

  • The secret to a long lasting lip color is to use a lip primer. A lip primer with some compact powder works as an excellent base for the color to stay. There are lipsticks too, which come with a primer. Choose a cream based lipstick for matte shade. Use a blotting paper to get rid of the excess.

  • Pair nude lipsticks with dark smoky eyes and bright lips with less eye makeup. Remember to exfoliate your lips with crushed brown sugar and some petroleum jelly.


9. Blush Story:Add a little bit of blush for a dramatic appeal and glow. Tone it down with compact powder if it becomes excess.

10. Keep in Mind:

To define your brows use a tone lighter than your hair color. Never use pitch black. Carry your compact powder and do not forget the touch ups. Use a good amount of compact powder if you tend to sweat a lot and smudge your kajal. Apply base make to your neck and ears. Remember to dab makeup with a sponge or brush instead of using fingers.

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