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10 Tips How To Look Glamorous For Beginners

All you beautiful girls out there, who want to get noticed and admired for looks and appearance but don’t know how to grab that desired look?

We have got some amazing tips and hacks for you all, so go out spread the magic of your beauty.

  1. Key rule- Be hygienic.

Take shower every day. You should take shower every morning and before going to bed if possible. You can also use a nice body wash or a shower gel. Taking shower everyday makes you look fresh and clean. Also, brush your teeth twice in a day so that you can give a big smile to people. Lastly, apply deodorant as smell of the sweat is too much gross.

  1. Your Rapunzel hair.

How you manage your hairs is the vital part of your personality. Always keep your hairs clean as no one looks good with greasy hairs. If you have dry hairs, no need to wash them often but if you have oily hairs, you need to wash them at least twice or thrice a week. Also, using right shampoo is important in order to avoid dandruff and damaged scalp.

Messy hairs are big NO as soon as you are out of your bed. Hairs can be straight, curly and wavy as long as they are smooth and perfectly arranged.

  1. Pamper your skin.

Skin needs special care to look great. Avoid pimples and rashes on your face and body. It’s important to remove your blackheads. You can try to do this at home or at a nice salon. Strictly avoid using local and non-branded make up products, they damage your skin. There are lot of branded and affordable products of L’Oreal, The body shop and many other. Make sunscreen your best friend.

Clean-tone-moisturize-repeat, remember this formula to get the flawless skin. This is the basic skincare routine.

Wax your hands, legs and armpits without fail.

  1. Take care of your nails.

It’s important to clean your nails and polish them time to time as it looks really bad to have dirt in nails. You can use vitamin E or castor oil to message your beautiful nails. Visit the spa often or learn to do manicure and pedicure at home. Apply 2-3 coats of nail polish to make your nails shiny. Change your nail color every 2-3 days and wear nail color that matches your outfit.

  1. Hit the gym.

Having a good and well-shaped body is cherry on a cake. Exercise burns the extra fat helps you to look fit and fresh every day. You should work out every day minimum for an hour, if not possible then at least 4 days a week. Eat lot of fruits and green veggies to stay fit and slim. When you successfully slim and tone your body you will automatically boost the self-confidence. And the best part is you can wear any dress and it will look good on you.


  1. Study make-up.

Always use products which highlight your best features on face and make you look like a diva. You can wear make-up daily or occasionally. But do not use natural colors and don’t overdo it, it should be shiny, natural and light. Again, do not use cheap and local make up products. If you use good quality products, it gives your skin different texture.

Initially, start with shimmery makeup base. Don’t use extremely matte foundation unless your skin is oily. Make sure you do not cake on glitter, it does not look glamorous at all. Glamorous is all about being natural and confident. You can wear colors like pink, beige, brown and black only for eye liners and mascara. If you love gloss then do not make it too sticky, if it happens then dab some baby power on your lips. Try and use natural lip colors and keep your blush barely noticeable. Keep your make up natural at day time.

  1. Be a fashionista- Clothes.

Your wardrobe determines whether you are glamorous or not. Make sure you wear clothes in which you are comfortable. You can try classic and cuts so that cuts of your body shows. Again, invest in good clothes. Try and avoid using clothes which are not ironed and clean. Do not dress too much fancy at incorrect occasions.

A black shiny A-line or a pair of black jeans with top and stilettos will look damn elegant. You can also take inspiration from old Hollywood films. As mid length skirt, silk tops. Learn what looks good on you.

  1. Decorate yourself with accessories.

Accessories and jewelries give a decent touch to your look. During day time do not wear glittery and shiny stuff which attracts too much attention but complements your outfit. A little gem in a necklace, small bracelet would do during day time. When it comes to evening, little shine is allowed. You can use pearl necklace is also a good option.

For golden necklace avoid silver earrings of bracelets, only gold. Make sense?

  1. Your footwear’s.

Your personality reflects from the type of shoes you wear. If you cannot afford to buy multiple footwear’s  then extremely  necessary shoes. One pair of classic shoes will go on your most of the outfits, 1 pair of flat shoes and one pair of boots which helps you to deal with bad weather.

You know what, you actually save lot of money investing in good branded shoes because, you don’t have to buy new one for next 1-2 months. If you require walking much then avoiding wearing heels more than 4.7inch.

  1. Finally, your handbag.

A black leather black is the best friend of every woman. Again, quality is important so invest in a good bag, shiny and plastic looks cheap. Slings are also in trend so try out some nice colors like brown, navy blue, black. Carry your bag well to make it look classier.

So now what are you waiting for girls? Go out and show off your beauty, you deserve every little prize and recognition. Cheers!

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