12 Simple Ways to Make Your Skin Smooth in Winters

winter care tips

Hey gals, a winter has arrived and we all are worried about our skin. No need to worry because here are 12 simple ways to make your skin smooth in winters and they are:

winter care tips

1) Drink lots of water

2) Apply moisturizer at night before sleeping and mainly on some of your body parts like face, hand, elbow, and knee

3) Use lukewarm water to wash your face

4) Apply the mixture of milk cream and turmeric on your face at night, keep it for 15-20 minutes then wash it with lukewarm water, this will glow your skin

5) For smooth skin, you can try the mixture glycerine and rose water daily, you can apply this mixture on your whole body and it will deliver a very good result

6) Protect your skin from the sunlight

7) Use some cold cream and moisturizer of good quality, and select a good quality cream or moisturizer according to your skin type

8) Take a bath with normal water i.e. not too cold not too warm

9) Have some nutritious, fiber rich diet

10) Have some fatty food

11) Do some exercise like walking, skipping, indoor aerobic, yoga, gym, etc., do anything that will make you sweat

12) Remove all your makeup before sleeping and apply cold cream or moisturizer

These are some tips that will help you in getting the smooth skin in winter season. If you are thinking that dry skin will irritate you in this winter then don’t worry, try these tips and apply in your daily life. All these tips will really help you in getting the smooth skin in this winter.