200 Bridal Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair That Will Inspire

I am giving a list of 200 very attractive bridal hairstyles:


  1. Ashley petty wedding hairstyle.
  2. Beautiful updos wedding hairstyle.
  3. Beautiful loose braided updos bridal hairstyle.
  4. Heidi Marie Garnett wedding hairstyle.
  5. Ryan and stefani’s California beach wedding hair style.
  6. Killer swept-back wedding hairstyle.
  7. Beautiful messy bridal hair updos.
  8. Ashpetty hair.
  9. Chignon hairstyle.
  10. Dark brown hairstyle.
  11. Lose curl bridal updo hairstyle.
  12. Beautiful French chignon hairstyle.
  13. Waterfall braids.
  14. Half and half down hairstyles.
  15. Trendy fishtail & braids hairstyles.
  16. DianoAgron hair style.
  17. Lea Michele hair style.
  18. Leighton Meester hair style.
  19. Claire Danes hair style.
  20. Jenifer Love Hewitt hairstyle.
  21. Jessica Alba hair style.
  22. Molly Sims hair style.
  23. Kate Hudeson hairstyle.
  24. Britney Spires hairstyle.
  25. Evangeline Lilly hairstyle.
  26. Rihanna hairstyle.
  27. Jennifer Garner hairstyle.
  28. Ellen Pompeo hairstyle.
  29. Kate Beckinsale hairstyle.
  30. Keri Russel hairstyle.
  31. Anna Hathway hairstyle.
  32. Scarlet Johansson hairstyle.
  33. Jessica Simpson hairstyle.
  34. Eva Mendes.
  35. Ravishing updos.
  36. Wavy hairstyle.
  37. Downdos and half up hairstyle.
  38. Half down hairstyle for curly.
  39. Straight and black hair.
  40. Soft waves hairstyle.
  41. Box braided bun.
  42. Braided top knot.
  43. Braided chignon.
  44. Crownrow braided bun.
  45. Braid wrapped black bun.
  46. Braid-wrapped high bun.
  47. French braid with braid-wrapped bun.
  48. Plaited Chignon.
  49. Plaited Messy low bun.
  50. Plaited low bun.
  51. Carousel braid.
  52. Ponytail carousel braid.
  53. Cascading carousel braid.
  54. Half temple cornrows.
  55. Side cornrows.
  56. Side Dutch braids.
  57. Dutch braid chignon.
  58. Fishtail side braid.
  59. Fishtail crown braid.
  60. Fishtail braid ponytail.
  61. Messy side fishtail braid.
  62. Five strand braid.
  63. Five strand back braid.
  64. French braid ponytail.
  65. French braid low chignon.
  66. Halo braid.
  67. Halo braid with bangs.
  68. Halo braid with long tendrils.
  69. Headband braid with long waves.
  70. Headband braid side chignon.
  71. Full headband braid.
  72. Reverse headband braid.
  73. Ladder back braid.
  74. Ladder braid.
  75. Ladder + French braid.
  76. Mermaid braid.
  77. Mermaid side braid.
  78. Mermaid side braid with highlights.
  79. Micro braids.
  80. Micro braids in side fishtail braids.
  81. Milkmaid crown braids.
  82. Milkmaid braids.
  83. Milkmaid braids with parted bangs.
  84. Ponytail braid.
  85. Ponytail fishtail braid.
  86. High ponytail braid.
  87. Snake braid.
  88. Side snake braid.
  89. Three strand side braid.
  90. Three strand pigtails.
  91. Three strand long side braid.
  92. Waterfall braid.
  93. Waterfall braid ponytail.
  94. High waterfall braid.
  95. Upside down braid.
  96. Upside down braid bun.
  97. Upside down braid messy top bun.
  98. Maid bun hairstyle.
  99. Bun hairstyle with braid.
  100. Selena gomez bun hairstyle.
  101. Bun hairstyle with bang.
  102. Chinese bun hairstyle with sticks.
  103. Curly hair bun hairstyle.
  104. Little girl bun hairstyle.
  105. Cross bun hairstyle.
  106. Bun hairstyle with saree.
  107. Easy bun hairstyle.
  108. Easy knot bun hairstyle.
  109. Sock bun hairstyle.
  110. Flower crown bun hairstyle.
  111. Jessica Alba’s messy bun hair style.
  112. Round face knot bun hairstyle.
  113. Little girl braid bun hairstyle.
  114. Long face bun hairstyle.
  115. Perfect ballet bun hairstyle.
  116. Short hair bun.
  117. Side bun braid.
  118. Flirty haircut.
  119. Simple twisted top knot bun.
  120. Easy and convenient ballet bun.
  121. Low fat twisted bun.
  122. Messy highlighted angular bun.
  123. Messy low side bun with nice waves.
  124. Easy high donut bun.
  125. Super high folded bun with short fringes.
  126. Smooth bouffant bun with subtle side sweep.
  127. High twisted bun with puff and free waves ends.
  128. Messy high bun with puppy top and fringes.
  129. Low side angular loop bun.
  130. Elegant twisted bun with crystal clips.
  131. Highly twisted low bun.
  132. Smart bun with pretty pompadour.
  133. Messy low side bun with dramatic side sweep.
  134. Volumized flower bun with long side bangs.
  135. Tight low bun with smooth center-parted top.
  136. Messy low rolled up bun with mini bouffant.
  137. Low side bun with puffy top and messy waves.
  138. Small semi-high bun with twisted wrap.
  139. Neat polished beehive bun with head band.
  140. Polished high bun with braided wrap.
  141. Casual twisted high bun with layered fringes.
  142. Semi-circular low bun volumized crown.
  143. Tight multi-braided bun with sight puff.
  144. Light pink double buns with side sweep.
  145. Smart, textured and highly twisted top knot bun.
  146. High twin buns with polished top.
  147. Low braided rose bun with pouf and messy waves.
  148. Messy low side-braided bun with sexy bang.
  149. High folded loop bun wrapped with end part.
  150. Massive twisted and textured high bun.
  151. Messy, flowery side bun with fringes and braided headband.
  152. High low bun with highly textured waves.
  153. Double-braided low side bun with brooch.
  154. Elongated bun with puffy rolled back top.
  155. Low side bun with graduated fringes and flower.
  156. Gigantic half-n-half bun with smooth finish.
  157. Low textured bun with twisted sides.
  158. Single-braided low bun with puffy crown and loose strands.
  159. Half up bun with curly locks, puffy top and long fringes.
  160. High side bun with messy finish.
  161. Super high bun with twisted wrap and thick fringes.
  162. Messy solid high bun with divided fringes.
  163. High hollow bun with super smooth finish.
  164. Huge curly high bun with puff and texture.
  165. Volumized low side bun with spiral side bangs.
  166. Semi-high textured spiral bun.
  167. Spiral bun at the end of twisted braid.
  168. High donut electric blue bun with silky smooth finish.
  169. Rihanna’s visible root.
  170. Scarlett Johansson’s cropped bob.
  171. KierseyClemon’s disco hair.
  172. Madonna’s screen siren style.
  173. Thandie Newton’s symmetry.
  174. Debra Messing’s waves.
  175. Solange’s braid out.
  176. Christina Aguilera’s Fahrah Fawcett moment.
  177. Penelop Cruz’s understated curls.
  178. Nicki Minaj’s tight plantium cork screws.
  179. Noami Watt’s loosely pinned waves.
  180. Shakira’s buoyant spiral’s.
  181. Kate Beckiasale’s super subtle highlights.
  182. Julio Garner’s Halo of Curls.
  183. Audrey Tautou’s adorable pixie cut.
  184. Taylor swift’s blunt fringe.
  185. Amanda Seyfried’s half and half style.
  186. Selena Gomaz’shair tuck.
  187. Bella Thorne’s half-updo.
  188. Marion Cotillard’s pulled-back glam.
  189. Rihanna’s blond bang.
  190. Gwen Stefani’s tight coils.
  191. Sarah Jessica parker’s cool-girl waves.
  192. Beyonce’s perfect spiral.
  193. Vanessa Hudgen’s peek-a-bangs.
  194. Rita Ora’s loose bob.
  195. Salma Hayek’s classical curl.
  196. Anna Sophia Robb’s easy waves.
  197. Anna Laynne McCord’s natural.
  198. Lorde’s long ringlets.