4 Simple Techniques To Darken Your Eyebrows


Eyebrows can make your face beautiful. Dark eyebrows can make your face gorgeous. Dull eyebrows can reduce the beauty of your face. You need thicker and darker eyebrows. There are many ways to make your eyebrows dark. I am describing 4 simple techniques to darken your eyebrows.

Color your eyebrows with dyes:

You can easily darken your eyebrows by using dyes. If you use dyes, your eye brows will look thicker and darker. If you can apply dyes perfectly, it will enhance the beauty of your eyebrows. You will have to select perfect dyes. There are some dyes on the markets, which cause irritation and allergy on your skin. So, you have to choose high quality dyes. It moisturizes the hair of your eyebrows. It last for long time. Your eyebrows will seem long with the touch of dyes. You can mix it with your eyebrows very easily. Some dyes protect your eyebrows from dirt. You can apply it with water. You can apply it before attending any party. You can use it in little amount or more as you like. Before applying dyes, wash your eyebrows.

Apply mascara:

There is no match for mascara in darkening your eyebrows.It darkens your eyebrows very quickly. It darkens your eyebrows perfectly. First, coat your eyebrow brush with mascara. Then apply it on your eyebrows. Within few minutes it will darken your eyebrows. It can provide you natural darken look, your eyebrows will look thick. It works as a moisturizer also.It protects eyebrows from getting dull and dry.You will feel comfortable with the touch of it. It is a cool product. It keeps your eyebrows hydrated for a long time. The smell of it is very sweet. It reduces damages of eyebrows. Some mascara contains vitamin, which is useful for growth of eyebrows. It is very effective on eyebrows. It makes your eyebrows healthy.

Apply eye shadow:

This is a very simple way to darken eyebrows by using eye shadow. If you apply eye shadow perfectly, your eye brows will look darker and fuller. Eye shadow helps you to avoid artificial look. Eye shadow is more suitable for night. Eye shadow works as a moisturizer also. Some eye shadow works like medicine. It protects eye from dirt, germ and other harmful elements. It has many elements which will make your eyes dark very rapidly. It works as a wonder on eyebrows. It works as a sunscreen also. Its black color makes eye brows black. It protects eye brows from drying.

Apply oil on eyebrows:

You can apply various oil (like jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, macadamia nut oil, linseed oil, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil or any high quality oil) to darken your eyebrows. These oils contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and many other important elements, which make your eyebrows healthy. Your eye brows will grow fast. These oils nourish your eye brows. These oils can make your eyebrows thick and dark very quickly. You will get shiny eyebrows with the help of these oils. It protects your eyebrows from dryness. There is no match for oil in strengthening and conditioning your eyebrows.