5 latest Indian wedding saree

Saree is one of the most beautiful attire every woman loves to have in their wardrobe. In fact, when worn in the right way it makes a woman look gorgeous.  Right from silks to heavy work, the options are galore. Here are some of the latest Indian wedding sarees every woman must have.

1. Stunning Bandhani saree


The Bandhani saree comes from Gujrat and Rajasthan. These come in beautiful colors and a variety of designs. Be it red, yellow, pink or any other color these sarees signify festivity and happiness.

2. Beautiful Kanjivaram saree


A bride needs to own at least one of these as part of their wedding trousseau. The pretty motifs throughout the saree make it extremely eye catching. The gold thread work and the rich silk weave make it a must have.

3. Gorgeous Benarasi saree


Wedding saree shopping is definitely incomplete without a Benarasi. These hand woven sarees are a dream of every bride. The designs and the patterns are such that it takes 15 days to about 6 months to complete one saree.

4.Perfect Paithani saree


Paithani sarees from Maharashtra is what you call colorful and vibrant sarees suitable for weddings. These come in outstanding designs, colors and patterns, making it a must have in the wardrobe.

5. Pretty Patola saree



When talking about Patola sarees, these were considered to be a luxury of the rich in Gujarat. The specialty of the sarees is their design and made from the finest silk you will find. Some of these sarees take 6 months to one year to finish.