8 New Ways To Wear A White Eye Liner

White eye liner brightens your eyes. It makes your eyes awesome. It makes lids beautiful. It works like miracle on eyes. It makes you younger. It creates new styles. It provides freshness in eyes.

Wear white eye liner solo and create a gorgeous cat eye:

If you can apply white pencil perfectly, it will increase the beauty of eyes. If you have innovative power, you can make new styles by applying white pencil. Draw a line on upper lid with white pencil and in outer corner gives a shape like cat’s eye. If you can do it perfectly, you will get an amazing style.

Apply white line with black line:

In this style, you will you will have to draw double lines. First draw a black line on upper lash. Then draw a white line over top. This black and white combination will make an amazing style.

Line your bottom lid in white and top lid in black:

Draw a black line in the top lid. Then, draw a white line on the bottom. It will create nice shape. Your eyes will look beautiful. It will make your appearance marvelous.

Apply white-black-white-black combination:

It is a unique style. Draw a black eye line on your upper lash line and tops it with a white eye line. It will make your upper lid gorgeous. It will make your upper lid sharp. Draw a white eye line on lower lash and draw a black line underneath this white eye line. It is an eye-catching style. If you can apply it perfectly you will be matchless.

Brighten up the inner corner of your eyes:

It will make your eyes very attractive. It will make your eyes shiny. Gently swipe the white eye liner on the inner corner of your eyes. It will give you intense look.

Trace your entire eye and draw a straight line on the outer of your lower lid:

First trace your entire eye. Then swipe white liner on the outer of your lower lid. It will give you gorgeous appearance. It will create a spotlight on your lower lid. You will get sweet eyes.

Mix a metallic cream shadow with your white liner:

Metallic cream shadow with white eye line will give you mind blowing beauty. Before applying white pencil, apply cream on your upper lid and lower lid. Then swipe a white pencil on lower waterline. It will give freshness on your eyes.

Draw a line on your lower waterline:

First swipe white eye liner on your lower waterline and it will give you fresh eyes. It will give you appearance of bigger eyes. Your eyes will look bright. It can make you a dream girl.