All About Women’s Fashion

All About Women’s Fashion

For centuries, women’s fashion has created a benchmark over time and even posed as key indicators of the era of which it is depicted. It has also been known to evolve over the course of time, changing ever so slightly with every passing season allowing women to create a depiction of their inner selves through their clothing. Everything from shoes to dresses, handbags and clutches, jeans and skirts, women’s fashion has almost become a living, breathing, force that is fed by the creativity of designers as well as consumers and celebrities. Women’s fashion is incredibly simply while remaining incredibly complicated due to the various rules that have been put into place.

All About Women’s Fashion

Time and Fashion

If you take the time to flip through the various pictures of different points in time, you will see the drastic changes in women’s fashion all throughout history. Women have always wanted to be adorned with extravagance while feeling as though they are the most stunning creatures on the earth. Another thing that can be noticed from the different time periods is the shape that these fashions took. For example while the Victorian era held tight corsets and pluming skirts, the 50’s possessed tight, short, fringed dresses.

Fashion and Freedom

Something else that you may notice from the images of fashions past, would be the dramatic changes in the appearance of the fashions. Taking the Victorian period and the 50’s into account once more, the Victorian era was a time where women were merely property, however the 50’s was a time were women were finding more freedom. As time passed, you see shirts and pants coming into style, skirts becoming shorter and more skin showing overall through time. This is still very much the case and provides an interesting timeline for women’s rights and freedoms.

History of Fashion and Shoes

There is also a history of women’s fashion and the shoes worn with the fashions of that particular time. During the French Revolution the height of the shoes worn were a symbol of the wealth in the nation, and while they look a great deal different from what we see in shoes today, they were considered incredibly stylish. Over time this idea of aristocracy disappeared, though heels still stayed in fashion. Today heels come in a variety of different heights and styles allowing for more options that there were in previous time periods.

Post French Revolution to Today

You will see that the styles worn after the French Revolution changed dramatically from the full skirts to a slimmer silhouette. This was due to the dying out of the aristocratic ideals that had been around during the French Revolution. In the 19th century Emperor Napoleon’s wife made the Emperor Waistline dress fashionable with the still slowing silhouette. Then the skirts began to gain more volume once again leading into hoop skirts during the American Civil War. This continuous change in women’s fashion still continues today as you look from the civil war to the 50’s and 60’s. Even today there are drastic differences between fashions when seen every 10 years or so.

Encouraging Changes

The state of the world as well as various other factors have helped to change women’s fashion over the years, and during these time periods there were many dramatic changes which helped to form these latest fashions. For example during and after the French Revolution and the changes in the way that society viewed the old fashion trend during and after the revolution took place. These changes, while much more subtle today, still occur based on what is considered popular and trendy. The only major difference that women have today in comparison to what was available in the past is the internet and freedom to buy new clothing to suit the women’s fashion trends we choose to follow today. Also due to the internet we have more access to trending fashions.

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