Amara Organix Organic Facial Dusting Powder

Based out of Chennai, this new natural brand is making all the right waves. In charge of undertakings is the cool as a cucumber Mrs. Meher Farhana whose graciousness and coolness will clear you out. The scope of Amara’s items envelop body scours, face cleans, lip analgesics, hair chemicals and high quality cleansers.




  • Handcrafted cleansers without fillers


  • Froth great


  • Doesn’t dry out the skin


  • Make skin smooth and delicate post use


  • Contain the integrity of Lavender and Raktachandan




  • May prompt wastage when utilized under direct stream


  • Cardboard external bundling


I would absolutely suggest the cleansers from Amara Organix as they don’t have destructive fillers not at all like business cleansers. The cleansers play out their employment well and are conventionally valued. Cleansers last more if avoided direct stream of water. Else prompts wastage. General notwithstanding this point the cleansers are absolutely justified regardless of the cost at which they are advertised.


My rating : 4/5

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