Banarsi saree, Try At Least Once

Saree is one of a material which adds the beauty in woman’s personality. In India, there are various pattern of Saree are available, Banarasi Saree is one of them. Mostly the north Indian and the middle Indian women like to wear this kind of Saree. There are various kinds of banarasi Saree are available with the wide range.

bnarasi saree

Banarsi Saree1




Banarsi Saree2


The city of banaras is the origin of the Banarsi Saree, they use the good quality of silk, and the main thing is that mostly Saree are hand made. They use to create a new design in each and every Saree so that it looks different. The colour which they use in banarasi Saree is a natural colour. There are various things to tell about the banarasi Saree, each and every woman has to try this at least once.



Banarsi Saree3