Best Bollywood Fashion Trends

Ringer Base Pants

Here are the best ever green Bollywood fashion trends 🙂


  1. Ringer Base Pants:

Ringer Base Pants


Who can undoubtedly overlook the tornado of chime base jeans that came straight from the blockbuster motion picture ‘Haray Rama Haray Krishna’ and struck the entire India from North to South. Zeenat Aman turned into the most sultry Indian courageous woman from that motion picture and all that you expected to give yourself a 70’s champion look was ringer base jeans with stage shoes and curiously large shades to supplement them. This pattern shook the country for quite a while until individuals escape its daze and reveled into some other Bollywood design pattern.


  1. Anarkali Embroidered Dresses:


Anarkali Embroidered Dresses

India is loaded with artisans who earned name and popularity in weaving. India’s handiworks are generally refreshing all through the world. This incorporates tests of rich weaving over silk. This Anarkali suits obsession began from the unbelievable Madhubala film ‘Mughl-e-Azam’. This design drift left an unparalleled effect on the brain research of Indian style industry and film industry and lovely ladies from all kinds of different backgrounds, including film industry picked this style pattern to look more unmistakable and excellent. This pattern was trailed by numerous champions later, incorporating Aishwarya Rai in ‘Jodha Akbar’.


  1. Sadhna Cut:

Sadhna Cut hair style


Discussing dresses how would we be able to disregard the effect of haircut on the Indian design industry? Renowned film star Sadhna thought of another haircut in her 60’s sentimental introduction ‘Adoration in Shimla’. This initiated like a pandemic and each young lady wanted to cleave her tresses to look more like Sadhna.


  1. Bobby Print:


Bobby Print

A spotted shirt and a hot dark small scale; what comes into your brain on the off chance that you think about this? The truth is out, Dimple Kapadia. She wore this dress in her ‘likewise sweet’ 17 motion picture ‘Bobby’, in which she assumed the part of Bobby, a Mumbai youngster. This spotted print got colossal popularity from that film and it is still in and still known as ‘Bobby print’.


  1. Patiala Shalwar – Long T-Shirt:

Patiala Shalwar – Long T-Shirt


‘Punch we Met’ is the film which presented youthful and hot Kareena Kapoor’s new thin and keen look to her fans and significant others. Likewise with this motion picture she thought of another design pattern; Patiala Shalwar with a long T-Shirt. This upscale yet agreeable dress turned out to be famously most loved with youthful Indian young ladies and this design pattern is still in for its straightforwardness and brilliant look.


Pick your most loved design look and clear everybody out!!!