Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening And Brightening Cream

Have you ever had an ordeal like this? You urgently need to attempt an item, so you continue hunting and seeking down that. You yearn for that one, yet you don’t find that anyplace. You ride such a variety of kilometers for that, you arrange that item in better places with a want to get it soon.. At long last, you have that one in your grasp in the wake of paying additional bucks for that. You have poured your heart over that, yet it cheats you with no honor.. Precisely this one is.


Brightening AND BRIGHTENING are the words I succumbed to (I know idiotic me!). I had such a variety of skin break out scars on my jaw, which looked frightful. With a push to clear every one of them, I proceeded with this.


In all honesty I don’t prefer to compose an audit for this item. In any case, this is just to share my most noticeably bad experience. As a matter of first importance going to the bundling, this is nothing favor. Run of the mill exhausting Biotique bundling. It has a wide mouth and one needs to plunge their fingers to take out the item. I know a large number of you young ladies will abhor it.


Genuinely advising, it doesn’t do even a solitary thing that it claims. I truly had some incredible desires on it. It’s a thick cream that barely possesses an aroma similar to coconuts. It has some sort of minty smell. Despite the fact that it gets consumed effectively, it leaves a slick cast. Utilize what number of ever tissues to blotch, still you will have tons and huge amounts of oil all over.


Indeed, even the driest of all will feel it substantial. Much the same as you connected GREASE! NO WHITE. NO BRIGHT. The main day I connected it during the evening, it didn’t break out. Second day no, third day no. at last following a week this dear demonstrated its work. Yes, I got 10 pimples everywhere all over.

Goodness god, I was crying, yelling, what not? Still I set out to utilize it the following day. Again I broke out. It exacerbated my skin so than at any other time . My dull spots tripled up. That was the day, I hurled it up some place inside my drawer. I don’t use it any longer. Young ladies, I caution you never attempt this guilty party. I know I sound extremely pompous yet it did nothing other than making me feel wiped out and dull with more spots




  1. Truly, nothing!




Badly arranged bundling


  1. Does nothing that it claims


  1. Makes you look sleek and dull


  1. Breaks out so severely


  1. Solid mint smell


  1. Misuse of cash


I don’t like the stuffe!