Clean & Clear Fairness Cream Reviews


Spotless and clear reasonableness cream arrives in a customary tube bundling that has a pink and blue printed outline with a straightforward white top.


The cream has a mellow scent/aroma which is alright, nothing that can give you migraine. The consistency is medium and smooth not thick like lakes white excellence, reasonable and stunning and so forth.


I am truly befuddled as into whom this item will suit, it makes skin oily so not for slick skin without a doubt but rather then if not mixed well, there would be white cast.


It says that it won’t obstruct pores however I know it will since, I utilized it for a few days as the white cast was not noticeable on me much, it made a couple of whiteheads to emit on my nose.



  • Smooth, light-weight cream
  • Contains the decency of berries and Pure rice
  • A little is obliged for every application
  • Non-sticky, non-oily
  • Cases to secure from unsafe UV beams
  • Did not break me out




  • The cases of pinkish fair skin are miles far from being genuine.
  • The endless fixing rundown


Truly, after this I won’t prescribe this spotless and clear decency cream to anybody!