Coloressence Primea Lip Colors Review

The lipstick arrives in a plastic case with a metallic silver completion. It close with a solitary snap which makes it travel well disposed, it won’t open effortlessly clinched. Going to the shade, it is a dull orange, dark shade with unpretentious clue of red, yet no gleam. This shade would suit not out of the question skin tones; it’s a major no-no for young ladies with whitish to dull compositions. Since I have a whitish composition, this shade is not incredible for me, I lean toward just peaches and n*des


It is a “periodic wear” shade and young ladies who like intense hues will shake it since it’s a striking orange. This matte rich shade is smooth in application and doesn’t subside into the almost negligible differences. Being pleasantly pigmented, the gentle odor of traditional lipstick can be disregarded. It neither dries out my lips nor saturates them. Enduring just for 2-3 hours, it blurs subsequent to eating something deserting an insight of shade. The definition doesn’t drain. It gets effortlessly uprooted with a milk chemical or cosmetics remover.


I purchased this shade enthusiastically however was extremely frustrated with the strong shade, in this way I found an exit plan. Firstly, saturate your lips appropriately and afterward utilize this shade sparingly and smirch it everywhere on your lips – it gives truly normal lip shading.




  • Travel-accommodating bundling
  • Great pigmentation
  • Gives great scope, particularly for pigmented lips
  • Doesn’t drain
  • Scent free
  • “Yes” for strong matte shade significant others.
  • This shade won’t suit all compositions.
  • No gleam.
  • Smooth in application.
  • 100% veggie lover.



  • Doesn’t saturate as it cases
  • It’s a strong shade, so may be up everybody’s back road.
  • Not effectively accessible in neighborhood stores.
  • Shade can’t be distinguished without opening the top.