Dear Grandma, I am Thank to You For These Beauty Secrets

There are many things in nature, which can make us beautiful. Many things are available in home which can provide you pimples, sunburn, acne, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles free flawless skin. From ancient time people are depending on nature to become beautiful. My grandmother is a beautiful woman. Throughout her life she applies these tips for her face and body. These keep her beautiful. You should follow these tips to make you beautiful.

Apply honey:

You can compare honey with nectar. Honey will provides you flawless skin. Honey makes dry and dull cells of skin fresh. Honey nourishes skin. Honey provides you glowing skin. Honey reduces dark spots and blemishes. Honey absorbs dirt from skin. It makes skin oil free.

Apply milk:

Milk nourishes your skin. It provides you glowing, fair and flawless skin. It keeps skin hydrated. It protects dryness and dullness. It reduces dark spots and scars.

Apply lemon:

Lemon cleans dirt from your skin. It makes your skin flawless and glowing. It has anti-aging properties which makes your skin younger.

Apply sandalwood paste:

Apply sandalwood paste on your skin. Sandalwood reduces melanin from your skin. It makes your skin fair and glowing. It protects any kind of skin disease. It refreshes sun burn skin. It helps you to achieve your dream skin.

Apply row potato juice:

Apply row potato juice on your skin. It will make your skin dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles free. It will make your skin flawless. Apply it regularly. It will keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

Apply cucumber:

Apply cucumber. It will make your skin fresh. It will make your dry and dull cells lively. It will make our sunburn skin fresh. It makes blood circulation of face perfect.

Apply rose paste:

Apply rose paste for attractive skin. Rose paste nourishes skin. It makes your skin healthy and glowing very quickly. It absorbs excess oil from your face.

Eat healthy food:

You should eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide plenty of vitamins and proteins on body. Fruits and vegetables make body and skin healthy very quickly. Fruits and vegetables make blood circulation of body normal. These provide you healthy skin very quickly.

Drink plenty of water:

Every day drink plenty of water. Water cleans your body. It keeps your body hydrated. Water provides you healthy and glowing skin.