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Different Types of Ayurvedic Chakras and how to treat them?

A skilled Ayurvedic practitioner can help you balance your mind, body, and soul. Ayurveda is India’s ancient science in which herbal extracts are used to cleanse and heal the body from deep within. The Vedic science of healing also believes in balancing chakras and auras to stay healthy and well-being. How often do you search the internet to check on the best ways to detox the body and keep it free of diseases?

The Ayurveda health caretips in magazines contain loads of information on detoxifying the body. They profess to stay fit naturally with the help of herbs and natural products. A visit to the kitchen for “immunity increasing herbs” is a common sight in every home. It is essential to get adequate sun exposure, exercise, eat well, and keep our bodies healthy and in a state of well being. Isn’t it?

Ayurvedic chakras and their working!

Ayurvedic Physicians advise us to keep the energy flowing through the chakras. They tell us this is the best way to nurture a healthy body and maintain a glowing complexion. We run from pillar to post, in our endeavor to stay healthy and look good. All the activities that we do, including our whole life, is connected to chakras. Our entire body is dependent on these unseen energy wheels that we can’t perceive. The fact is chakras control each action and rule our lives. Your body is an active bundle of volatile bristling power, confirms Ayurveda health care. As the chakras rotate, a powerfully charged field sparks the body into action. The response is instant, and natural functioning takes over. But this is not all. There is a bigger plan here. You are a part of the universe and develop the same energy wavelength as your surroundings. Without realizing it, you begin to resonate in tandem with the environment. The stronger the atmosphere you reside in, the healthier you become!

Life is governed by energy. Energy is obtained from food, interaction with people, exercise, environment, and meditation. This transmission works quickly, taking over physical and mental actions. You can call chakras energy transmitters or evolution wheels that control your mind, body, balance, and progress in layman’s terms.

Ayurvedic physicians claim the universe nurtures each one of us. The Prana or the life force of the universe, takes care of you the same way as it cares for millions of others. The inexhaustible life source tends to all bodily needs! The energy from the surroundings penetrates the body and channelizes it to perform daily activities. The body is set into motion.

How many chakras do we have in the body?

Ayurveda health care principles state six Ayurveda chakras are lying parallel to the spine, and one lies outside the body. The 7th chakra is placed a few inches on top of the crown. These 7 chakras are always in a state of motion. They are busy vibrating, spinning, and communicating with each other. These energetic wheels grab energy from the outside energy bank and store it inside the body for further use.

Close your eyes. Can you feel your body communicating with the universe? The energy wheels of your body are busy spinning parallel to the spinal cord.

Different energy chakras in the body:

This chakra lies at the base of the spine and is said to be related to survival. Take things into your hand and jump in delight, Laugh, dance, and let your body loose. Your jogging will boost energy flow.

This chakra is associated with a desire for pleasure and sexuality. You will never enjoy belly dancing more. Sensuality, yoga, Loving relationships all enhance the working of the sacral chakra.

Imbalance of this chakra can be seen in the form of obsessive-compulsive control. It will surprise you, but an energy bristling solar plexus chakra can help you become the king or queen of your destiny. Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe herbs to open this chakra. You can further improve the energy flow by using “positive re-affirmation technique” and incense sticks. You can do it because you are capable of everything- tell yourself this every day and get your solar plexus into action.

What is an aura?

Negative and positive emotions are floating in the atmosphere around us, and they influence our bodies. Accordingly, we develop a negative or positive aura or vibe. This vibe or energy is transmitted to the outside environment by the transmitters called chakras. These wheels or chakras are colored, and they emit different colored light. They shimmer, vibrate, resonate, and reflect our life energy.

Have you ever noticed that some of us have an extremely strong and powerful aura? It’s like an unseen force pulls you towards them. The body’s energy flow reaches out from the tailbone base to a few inches above the top of the head. This is your vibe or aura!

Aura is the vibrant energy visible to the others, and it exists in the form of an energy field. Remember, the extreme repulsion or attraction you may feel for someone? This is based on negative or positive vibes we feel.

Health and moods affect aura. The chakras incorporate the energy they come in contact with and take it in for optimum body functioning. The chakras influence the aura’s energy field. And these chakras manipulate the body and its glandular systems. Imagine the havoc caused in the body if it is surrounded by negativity always? This can cause the sluggish movement of the chakras!

Why does the body start feeling deprived of energy?

The energy movement in the chakras needs to be quick and rapid. Ayurveda health care workers affirm that our faulty habits lead to chakra blockages.

Lack of proper nourishment and food

Blocking normal emotions such as anger, hurt, love

Telling lies and hiding things /keeping secrets

Bad lifestyle habits

Lack of meditative practices and inappropriate oxygen levels can cause the body to become sluggish and fragile.

Have you ever wondered why you feel tired and listless? Why do you suddenly lack the energy to take up challenges? Why are exhaustion and illness a part of your life? We have the answers for you. Ayurvedic physicians say that our chakra energy influences all this. The chakras cannot swirl and twirl quickly if you neglect the body’s smooth flow of energy.

Is there any way to enhance the energy flow in the chakras?

Our chakras need to transmit energy easily, and for this, we need to be emotionally, spiritually, and mentally healthy. To strengthen the chakras, you need to:

Do yoga regularly to improve the flow of life force energy through chakras

De-clutter your life emotionally and physically.

It may sound cliché, but learn to forgive all those who have hurt you and move on.

Positive emotions enhance energetic health.

Meditation, deep breathing and Ayurveda can help promote well being by balancing chakras.

You need to fill the body with wisdom, health, energy, and light. Let the energy chakras spin faster and smoother. You will see how your body blooms and responds to the positivity and energy bursts.

What happens if the chakra does not spin appropriately?

Blockage in chakras can lead to significant physical or mental discomfort and illness in our bodies. Balancing them and keeping energy flow smooth is the best way to stay healthy, say the Ayurvedic practitioners. Illness, disease, unhappiness often happens, especially if the related chakra stops functioning. Have you ever noticed that on some days, you feel depressed and upset for no reason? This is a clear indication that your chakras are not gathering as much energy as needed by your body. What could be the reason?

Fried and junk foods are a favorite meal for most families. Faulty diets have become a part of every household. This kind of food lacks essential nutrients, and the energy levels reduce further! Do you often indulge in that yummy pretzel or burger?

You and I, and many people around us, are negligent about our chakras. Instead of enhancing the energy flow through our bodies, we weaken it further by encouraging bad habits. Be careful! You may be blocking your chakras unknowingly!

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