DIY-How To Color Your Lips Pink With Beetroots

Beetroot is the most perfect product to provide you pink lips. It is chemical free natural. So, it doesn’t cause harm to lips. It is very effective. It works as a moisturizer also. It protects lips from dryness. It makes lips soft. It provides you long lasting lips color. It keeps lip hydrated. It nourishes your lips. It keeps your lips healthy.

beetroot for red lip

You need some products for this DIY, like a good beetroot, coconut oil, honey, lemon, butter, rose, food processor, strainer and small container.

Prepare the beetroot:

At first wash the beetroot. Then cut the beetroot into some slices. Grind the slices perfectly in the food processor. The slices will turn into juice. Take the juice in a container.

Mix coconut oil, butter, rose paste with it:

Mix coconut oil, butter, rose paste with it. Coconut oil works as a moisturizer. Butter nourishes lips. Rose paste makes dull and dry cells lively. You will have to mix beetroot juice, coconut oil, butter and rose paste perfectly. This mixture works like miracle to make your lips pink. It makes lips pink. It reduces darkness. It protects lips from lines and spots. It is effective on lips. It lasts long.

Add honey and lemon for much better result:

You can add honey for much better result. Honey nourishes lips. The vitamin and protein of honey makes lips healthy. It brightens lips. It refreshes lips. Lemon cleans all the dirt from lips and makes lips fresh.

Keep this mixture in a cold place or refrigerator:

Keep this mixture in a cold place or refrigerator. If you keep this mixture in a cold place or refrigerator the juice turns into solid. Then apply it on lips. Quickly lips will get pink color. If you can make the mixture perfectly you will get better result. Apply it for few days. You will get pink color lips naturally. It provides you fuller lips. It is chemical free. So, it doesn’t make any harmful effect on lips. Beetroot is rich in vitamin and protein. It energies lip. It makes your lips shiny and appealing.