Eye Makeup To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Eye Makeup To Make Eyes Look Bigger1

Eye is a very important part of a person’s face, anyone can get attract through the eyes. So, it is very important if you are doing eye makeup, then it should be done in a proper way because messy makeup can give a bad appearance to your face. If you want to do eye makeup to make eyes look bigger, then here I am.

Eye Makeup To Make Eyes Look Bigger1

I am sharing some tips that will help you in eye makeup to make eye looks bigger, and they are:

  • When you apply mascara, pull your eyes up, that will give the length to your eyelashes
  • Use two different eye shadows to add the dimensions to your eyes
  • When you apply liner, at that time apply a thicker liner in the middle and thinner in the both sides of the eye
  • Use white eye shadow
  • Curl up the lashes
  • Use a light shade of the Kajal like white, peach and beige
  • Try to use light shimmery color on the eyelid
  • Avoid to use black conventional smokey, instead of that use colored smokey
  • You can also use the false eyelashes
  • For giving the wide eyed look, without using any makeup is just to keep the eyebrows full and thick, and it looks more beautiful when it is groomed
  • Apply some soft eye shadows on the lower side of the lash line
  • With the eye makeup, use the bright lip color

Thus, these are some tips that will help you in doing the attractive eye makeup.