How To Do Facial At Home Step By Step Procedure

Howdy girls! Today I like to share with you how to do facial in your home itself easily and effectively. If you will go to parlor they will cost you approximately 1000 rupees to do facial using unknown and hidden products. But if you do your own facial at home means it will be affordable, you can choose your own products which suits for your skin and you can take extra care for most affected area. Like these you have many, many advantages by doing facial at home. You may use natural products or chemical products according to your own wish. Let see how to do facial at home with more definite step by step procedure.

How To Do Facial At Home Step By Step Procedure


  • Facial cleanser it may be natural ingredients or store bought.
  • Facial brush
  • Sponge or cotton pads
  • A Bowl filled with cold water
  • Facial oil/ serum
  • Face mask it may be homemade or store bought
  • Exfoliator it may be homemade or store bought
  • Steamer or hot water in a bowl to stream your face
  • Head band
  • Cucumber slices/chamomile tea luggage/ cotton pads soaked in rosewater
  • Cotton towel

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Comb your hair neatly and tightly and put a pony tail and secure your front hair with head band. Make sure the hair shouldn’t disturb you while doing facial.


Wash your face and take a small amount of cleanser (you may use homemade or store bought cleanser to cleanse your face) in your palm and apply it on your face neck. Spread evenly and rubdown slowly, softly and gently in circular motions. Put off with damp cotton pads till all purifier is removed.


Pour warm water into the bowl and you can add few drops of lemon juice into it and mix it well over the new water, covering the head with a towel to incorporate the steam. Allow the skin to steam lightly for as much as 5 minutes (steam ought to feel relaxed)


Take very small amount of scrub or exfoliator you may make it by mixing 1 tablespoon of sugar with ½ tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Practice exfoliator to face and neck and rubdown gently, in round motions warding off the delicate eye vicinity.Get rid of with moist wash material/facial sponges till all productsare removed. Wipe pores and skin with damp cotton pads.


Apply herbal facial oil/serum and rubdown in round motions. Wipe excess facial oil. You have to learn some techniques of massaging your face using your fingers to get glowing skin.


Follow facial mask to suit your skin, lie in a reclining position with cucumber slices/chamomile tea luggage/ cotton pad dipped into rose water over eyes for 15- 20 minutes or time encouraged for masks.Put off masque with damp face fabric/facial sponges and wipe skin with damp cotton pads till all massacre removed.


Finally moisturize your face and neck to get hydrated skin. Experience your clean new skin.

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