Five Natural Homemade Substitutes for Conventional Beauty Products

Substitute for lotion

Outer beauty is something that everyone is interested to look at and people only see the shine and health of the outer skin. The more your outer skin is beautiful, the more impressive one can look. Nevertheless, in today’s world many of the cosmetics to be used on the outer skin have harmful chemicals in them, which can damage the skin and made the skin tone darker. People should try to resort to natural beauty products in place of the artificial cosmetics. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and at the same time, they can work wonders on the skin. Some natural homemade substitutes for conventional beauty products are listed as under:

  1. Substitute for lotion

Substitute for lotion

Lotion is used by everyone to keep his or her skin soft and moist. However, little do people know that even lotion contains chemicals in them, which get absorbed in the skin, and they are stored in the form of fat in the skin tissues.  The best natural product that can be used is coconut oil. Coconut oil can be easily absorbed by skin because it is lightweight and wrinkles, dry skin and some other kinds of skin problems can be prevented. Essential oils, body butters, etc. can be mixed with coconut oil to get results that are more rewarding.


  1. Substitute for facial toner

Substitute for facial toner

Facial toners do not contain too much of chemicals in them but toners are used almost every day because it helps in the removal of dust and dirt from skin. Apple cider vinegar is the natural substitute for facial toner. The smell of this particular vinegar is not good but the mixing of essential oils in it can reduce the smell to a certain extent. Apple cider vinegar helps in brightening and freshening of the skin. The skin becomes moist with its regular use.


  1. Substitute for mascara remover

Substitute for mascara remover

Removing mascara is the hardest part because you cannot take the risk of using chemical substance close to your eyes. Most girls sleep with their mascara on but it can create wrinkles at an early age. Olive oil or coconut oil is the best kind of substitute for removing mascara and it is waterproof in nature. It helps to moisture the skin near the eyes and prevents wrinkles.


  1. Substitutes for hair sprays

Substitutes for hair sprays

Hair sprays contain chemicals in them and when they are sprayed, the entire air nearby gets polluted which damages skin and lungs. This is another reason for cancer and should be prevented. Lemon juice is the best natural substitute for hair spray that can be kept in a bottle and mix sugar in it and spray it on your hair.


  1. Substitute for deodorant

Substitute for deodorant

These worst beauty products are found because it leads to the cause of cancer. Baking soda is an effective natural substitute for deodorant and it can be mixed with coconut oil that has anti-fungal properties in it. It does not have odour in it too.


These are some of the natural substitutes that can be used to protect your skin and lead a healthy lifestyle.