Himalaya Pimples Cream Reviews

Hello šŸ™‚ I worried if IĀ  saw even one pimple on my face because it increase from one to two to three so its better to fight with the pimples in starting. Himalaya is one of a renowned brand in the cosmetic world, people are using its products because it is completely safe and secure. The ingredients used in the Himalaya are herbal, and the company offers the products for both, men and women. Himalaya pimple cream is one of an extraordinary product from Himalaya; it will really help the user to get rid from the pimples. It is really affecting cream šŸ™‚

Price and weight
Rs 45 for 20 grams


  • Purely herbal
  • No side effects
  • Cream hasn’t contained any chemicals
  • If you have oily skin, then you can use face wash before applying the cream. And you can apply the cream in overnight
  • For better result, use cream twice a day
  • Smells like a cold cream
User comments

User comments


  • It is like a thick cream
  • So sticky, need lots of time to remove it
  • When you wash your face after applying the cream, then it becomes creamy again


I will rate it 7 out of 10

Would I Recommend

I would definitely recommend you to use the Himalaya pimple cream, if you are facing the pimple or acne problem. My experience is very good with this cream and I got the positive result after using it. I am not a regular user of this cream because I rarely face the pimple problem. Before some weeks, I have some pimples on my face, so my friend suggest me to use Himalaya pimple cream and you know I really got the rid from the pimples in very less time šŸ™‚