How to Cook Nutrela Soya Kheer

Soya Kheer

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Soya Kheer

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1 cup Nutrela Soya Granules

2 tbsp ghee

4 tbsp sugar

l/2 tsp of wheat flour

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

2 tsp rose water

4 cups full fat whole milk

25g of finely chopped assorted dry fruits and nuts


Step 1: Soak soya granules in water for about 15 minutes and squeeze it dry.

Step 2:Then cook the granules fora further 10 minutes on slow fire in water.
drain it and rinse it again in cold water at least 2 more times.

Step 3: In a pan put ghee and saute the wheat flour in desi ghee until it emulsifies
With the ghee. Then add the soya granules and keep stirring for a few
minutes, until fully combined.

Step 4: In a separate pan, boil whole milk until the quantity reduces by half.

Step 5: Combine the contents of both the pans, stir, add sugar, until fully dissolved
then add cardamom powder and dry fruit and nuts
Step 6: mixture and a little rose water and serve.