How To Easily Apply Concealer And Foundation On Indian Skin

Hi dear ladies 🙂

Lets know an appropriate method of applying a concealer and foundation:

I am here to share some tips that how to apply concealer and foundation on the skin, so here they are:

  • Wash your hand first because it is not good to touch your face with dirty hand.

  • Cleanse and tone your skin, after that apply the moisturizer on your entire face.
  • Now, apply the concealer on your face under the eye, near the nose.

  • Apply your foundation with the sponge.
  • For applying the foundation, you can start from the center of your face and move towards the hair line.

  • Apply foundation to the sides of the nose, shin, and especially neck.
  • Dust your face lightly with the powder, just after applying the foundation. It will give the nice matte finish.

  • If you want to apply some additional makeup, then you can apply it.
  • After all these things, see your face in the mirror just to ensure that there will be no spot of foundation, on the other hand, you can ask to your family member as well that are they able to see any spot on your face.

  • Now you are ready to go out

These are some tips through which you can apply the concealer and foundation in a proper manner. After use these tips, your face never looks messy. So, follow these tips and get ready to do blast in the party.