How To Get The Perfect Lip Shape: A Step By Step Tutorial

Beautiful lips make face amazing. Lips control the beauty balance of face. To make your face beautiful you need flawless soft and shiny lips. I am describing about some step by step tutorials to get perfect lip shape.


You need some good makeup products (like lip balm/lip conditioner, concealer, lip primer, powder, lip liner, lip stick, brushes, lip tints, tissue paper, lip gloss etc.) to get perfect lip shape.

Apply lip balm/lip conditioner:

Before applying lip balm or lip conditioner, you will have to wash your lips.Then apply lip balm or lip conditioner. It prepares your lips to apply lipstick. Lip balm or lip conditioner makes lips soft and fresh. It keeps lips hydrated. It makes your lips perfect. It provides a perfect finish.

Apply lip primer:

Apply lip primer for better result. It protects lips from dryness and dullness.

Use concealer:

Use a concealer. You should choose a high quality concealer. Concealer hides dark spots, fine lines and other spots. If you don’t apply a high quality concealer, you may not get better result.

Apply powder:

Powder increases the brightness of lips. It holds lipstick. It works as a base also. Face powder evens uneven lips. Face powder absorbs excessive oil from lips. Face powder helps lipstick to last long.

Apply a lip liner:

Apply a lip liner. It helps you to draw perfect outline. Lip liner will work as a guide for you.

Apply a suitable lipstick:

You should choose a suitable lipstick. You can choose a red or pink color lipstick. Red color or pink color lipstick makes women 10-20 times more beautiful than other lipstick. Red color or pink color lipstick will make you beautiful like a goddess. These lipsticks intensify the color of lips. Pink color or red color lipstick provides full coverage.

Use a flat brush:

Use a flat brush to blend the color of lipstick. It adjusts the color of lipstick with lips.

Apply lip tints:

Apply lip tints; it will increase the beauty of lips.

Use a tissue paper:

Apply a tissue paper on your lips. Tissue paper will absorb excessive products from your lips. It will seal lipstick on your lips. It protects lipstick from smudging.

Apply lip gloss:

Lip gloss will turn you into a style diva. It will increase the beauty of lips very much. It will protect dryness and dullness. Its anti-aging formula will make your lips younger. It works as a moisturizer also. It provides flawless skin.