How To Make Paneer at Home

How To Make Paneer at Home /paneer ghar pe kaise bnaye

Ingredients for Paneer:

1. Milk: 2 liters(you can change the quantity according to your requirements)

2. Lemon 6 spoon, or viniger 3 spoon.

There are following steps to do this:

1. Boil the milk:


step 2: Add Lemon 6 spoon, or viniger 3 spoon in boiled milk.

Step 3: After few minutes milk separate from water.


Setep 4: Now off gas flame and add some cold water or ice cubes.

Step5: Then the Panner and water will be separate.

Step 6: Take muslin cloth and wrap a bowl with that.





Step 7: Now pannner is in the cloth,



Step 8: Extract all the water from panner:


Step 9: Take out Panner from the cloth:

Step 10: Panner is ready, make rasgulla, rasmalai, chhena aur any panner made sbji with this panner 🙂



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