How To Prevent Lipstick From Smudging

Lipstick smudging is a very embarrassing incident for any woman. If lip color spreads on your face, your face will look ugly. If it happens in any festival, your enjoyable moment will turn into sadness. So, it is very important for you to protect your lipstick from smudging. I am describing about some steps which will protect lipstick from smudging.

Prepare your lips:

Dirt, dryness and dullness will create problems for getting perfect lips. So, you need to prepare your lips before applying lipstick. First wash your lipstick. Make your lips dirt free. If you wash your lips, water will keep your lips hydrated for a long time. Water will reduce dullness. Apply a lip balm or lip conditioner. It will make your lips soft.

Apply lip primer and lip pencil:

Apply lip primer for better result. Lip primer makes your lip soft and matchless. Lip primer contains anti-aging formula, which makes your lip younger. Its color lock formula protects lipstick from smudging. It makes lips smooth. It adjusts with lips very easily. Apply a lip liner and draw perfect liplines. Lip liner works as a guide for you. Lip liner has color lock formula. Lip liner protects color from bleeding.

Apply concealer:

Concealer prevents lip color from smudging.

Apply powder in lips:

Before applying lipstick, you should apply powder. Blends powder perfectly with lips. Powder will hide dark spots, spots and other blemishes. Powder will reduce darkness of lips. Powder works as a base for lipstick. Powder will absorb excessive oil from lips. Powder holds lip color for a long time. It makes lips fuller

Prevent lipstick:

Apply a high quality lipstick. High quality lipstick usually adjusts with lips very easily. It catches lips perfectly. It usually does not spread. It usually stays on the place where you apply it. To prevent lipstick enter into mouth; keep a finger between your lips. Apply a lip brush and blends the lipstick on lips. It will prevent lipstick from smudging.


Apply tissue paper on your lips. It will absorb excessive products. It will protect your lipstick from smudging. It will help lipstick to stay long.

Final step:

Finally you can apply lip gloss. Lip gloss will protect lipstick from smudging on face. Lip gloss will make your lips shiny and hot.