How To Select The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Hello Beauties 🙂 🙂 , I can understand the problem to choose the best hairstyle according to face. Length of hairs, color and its maintenance make a face look more attractive and beautiful. I can help to select the right hairstyle by giving some tips here like

  • For round faces uneven hairstyle looks beautiful from all angles,


roundface1 roundface2 roundface3 roundface4



  • For square looking face structure you can consider sleek cuts and can experiment with the long hairs and curls to improve your jaw line,

square1 square2 square3 square4


  • For a diamond shape face look at cutting that spans or improves the chin area like straight bangs will be good.


diamond5 diamond4 diamond3 diamond2 diamond1



  • For triangular shaped face you can use long hair or cut that will taper down to the jaw line,

triangular1 triangular2 triangular3 triangular4


  • To oval face best look generally any short hair cut would look beautiful, but to highlight side swept bangs or blunt will be the best options.

oval1 oval2 oval3 oval4



To represent your face better the structure and texture of hairs also keep importance. For men and women both hair growth and thickness of hairs comes first to draw a hairstyle in your hair. Silky hair needs different styles and harshness of hair requires different style, so right hairstyle doesn’t only depend on face shape it also depends on the quality of hairs.

To add color into the hair is optional, permanent or temporary hair colors are available and it sometime adds beauty in your hair, so choosing the right hair color helps to look gorgeous and stunning. Shiny hair grabs attention towards you and helps to look more beautiful naturally.

Take Care 🙂 🙂

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