Indian Bridal Wedding Planning Checklist Before 6 Months Of The Wedding

Hi girls,

What’s up????

Are you planning for your special day? For every girl wedding is the most important day of her life 🙂


Hope everything will be fine….. In our India, wedding is an important part of everyone’s life, either it is a groom or bride. Everyone wants their wedding should be perfect and for that they start the wedding planning earlier. Now a days, the wedding planner makes the people work more easy. Bridal should have to make the checklist before 6 months of the wedding, and that checklist should possess all the work that would be done in that time period. For example:

  • Book the bridal dress
  • During the wedding season, it’s hard to find the good parlor for makeup, so if your marriage date is fixed, then you can book the parlor for the bridal makeup
  • Book the Mehndi artist
  • If you are working, then apply for the leaves, and update your manager or boss for the leaves, so it will helpful to you to get the leaves on time as well as the company will find some alternative person for that particular time
  • Make the list of the things that you want to buy
  • Make the list of guests to whom you want to invite
  • Start the shopping for your wedding
  • Book the parlor for the pre-bridal packages
  • start treating you skin problems, because any issues take long time to get recover.
  • Ask your beautisian for all the tips to make your skin more better for wedding day.
  • There are lots of shopping and works for wedding, Avoid sun rays, pollution, apply suns cream when ever you go out.

These are some points that you can start before the 6 months of your wedding, few things are very important, like bridal dress and bridal makeup, so the booking of both the things should be done as soon as possible because at the last moment, might be possible that you will not get the best thing for your wedding.