Inglot Nail Enamel Review

Hey friends 🙂 good morning, Today I have tried Inglot Nail Enamel, lets discuss more about this:

Inglot is a common brand, and everyone is familiar with this brand. As the nail is one of an important part of the body and mainly for the girls, the girls take a special care of their nails, and for that they buy the nail enamel of different-different brands. One of a good brand for the nail enamel is Inglot. The other products of this brand are also available for the nails, like base coat, top coat, nail art, remover, etc.


It comes in different shades:




The starting price of Inglot is Rs. 600, you can buy the nail enamel of Inglot via the online websites too.


  • Attractive color
  • Effortless color
  • Brush is good
  • With 2 coats you will get the perfect color
  • The packaging is very good


  • Dried the nails
  • Costly in price
  • It gives the tacky look after applying it
  • Chipped after one day


I will rate it 3 out of 5

Would I Recommend?

I am not sure about this product because I have never used this product, but my friends have used it and not give the positive response about the product. So, I will recommend you to use the product at your own risk because the price of nail enamel is quite high as compared to the other nail enamel. Moreover, my friends also told that the cheap nail enamel much be more better than this. The brand is good, but as per my friends’ experience, avoid to use it’s nail enamel product.