It is your iphone and Yes, Your Entire Wedding can get shot with it

What a creative photographer does in a wedding? He/she shoots your wedding creatively. What a more creative photographer does in a wedding? He/she shoots your wedding more creatively. How? With an iphone. Yes, with an iPhone whole wedding photography can be shot exactly the same as with a DSLR. A little bit of setting you might need to compromise but it is a guarantee that you will get 99 percent of same result as with a DSLR. There are a great number of photographers who are using iPhone to see an entire wedding. It is possible. iPhone has the best quality of camera and capturing ability. And at the end with whatever device you shoot with your wedding, it should get shot creatively. If you are using an iPhone to shoot, don’t think that you are compromising on the quality. Just shoot creative and keep the angles right. If you are new to photography, and especially with iPhone, then we are giving you best tips with which you can shoot great, whether weddings or any other event. Apart from all, if you don’t have any your friend to shoot with iPhone or with other camera, you can hire professional and experienced wedding photographers in Delhi. There are many best wedding photographers in Delhi that you can hire according to budget you have. One tip for your best wedding photography is that don’t compromise on that.

iPhone wedding photography tips:

Tell story through lenses: It is always the case that whenever you are shooting with any camera device, the focus should be the story. Your photographer needs to capture the story that you are creating in your wedding or have created for each other. Shoot the scenes that tell a story whether dancing of bride and groom, performing ceremonies or some other guests enjoying the wedding. The photos you are capturing should tell a story.

The too bright Sun is your enemy: Lighting always matters in photography with whichever device you are shooting. If the sun is too bright then it can cause a number of problems for a photographer. Too bright light causes over exposure and harsh shadows on subjects, and squinting. So it is better to shoot when the sun light is not causing overexposure. Though there are some devices that you can take help of for reflecting the sun light. But tip is that whenever you start photography, always see the weather whether it is good enough to shoot or not.

Set the exposure manually: For any photography whether wedding or any other, exposure should be set at the right meter. Too much and too low exposure can damage the snaps. It is seen and noted that iPhones struggle to set exposure automatically. So it is better that you set the exposure manually provided bright areas get exposed right and correctly.

Best use of burst mode: What is photography about? It is about capturing about those beautiful and memorable moments that you always want to repeat it again and again in your life. You want to feel them again and again. In Indian weddings, there are various ceremonies and rituals that a bride and groom have to do, and if a photographer misses that memorable moment, then it is gone. It cannot be repeated. So to save yourself from this situation, use the ‘Burst Mode’ in iPhone. This mode can capture several photographs in a single click without missing any moment or pose that you want to capture in perfect. And later you can filter the best ones. During a wedding, there are many guests, and it can happen that best moments and poses get missed and you are not able to find perfect angles. It is always the problem. Hence the best advice for a photographer is: grab the best angle spots quickly before any guest arriving there or request them to move aside. This is the only thing you can do! And keep your Burst Mode on in any difficult situation. Never miss the moments!

Hidden camera features of great benefit: There are many hidden camera features in an iPhone if you properly explore it in your free time. Or you can ask your iPhone geek friend who can guide about iPhone hidden camera features. The phone has the great potential. There are good shot iPhone movies that have been shot by some of the best Hollywood directors. This phone has many usages and a creative visual storyteller who can do wonders with it if he/she knows how to use it properly.

Indian bride

Portrait shots show depth: The main aim of wedding photography is to capture emotions as we have already told you above and it is for all. It could be that you have captured many full lengths shots but now it is time to capture and frame some portrait shots. These shots take closure to subjects capturing the depth of their emotions. And it depends on a photographer that how creatively he/she shoots them. Props can be used to enhance and show relations with subjects for which they also feel. For portrait shots, you don’t need to zoom in to subject by phone setting while you need to get closer to them by walking. Just walk closer to subjects. Make portraits of their emotions!


Distractions cause distractions: Distractions in your photos can make them totally unworthy, that you regret why these photos got shot. It is your photographer duty to erase the distractions from them. Your photographer needs to capture the perfect of you both whether in posed or in candid. It sometimes is the case that some distractions look attractive and tell a story. For this, you need a good visual story teller. A photograph is the combination of right angle, right background and right distance. If you have this in your photos, then they are going to be always memorable and wanted treasure for you that you never want to lose. So erase all unwanted distractions from your photos and life!

Capture the small details: Capture the details that you think are valuable for your wedding photos whether it is of your jewelry, flowers, or wedding cakes. Small details often get overlooked but if your photographer is experienced, then he/she knows how to use the smaller details creatively.

Black & white always timeless: It is always not necessary that colors always look good. Sometime black and white photography adds that nostalgic feel that you always desire for. Black and white has its own charm that can never be underestimated. In it, a photo looks timeless that it feels it has transcended everything.  Use the necessary lighting, shoot in black & white and become timeless!

So what you think? We have told you almost everything about iPhone photography and the way you should shoot. Whether you shoot with an iPhone or other phone, follow the tips. Use your creativity and take care of lighting conditions. Now it is upto you how you shoot. Best of luck!

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