Johnson Face Care Refreshing Cleansing Lotion

Hello lovely ladies!!

Today I will be sharing my experience for a product from Johnson’s called Johnson’s face care: daily essentials refreshing cleansing lotion. I don’t know why, but I have always been a great fan of their products. So let us get started:

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Product claims: it gently lifts away impurities, makeup, even water proof mascara and tones whilst caring for your skin.

Price: 625 INR

Quantity: 200 ml

My experience:

The lotion comes in a cute little white bottle and is itself white in color. The consistency of the lotion is medium thick. The fragrance is not that of a typical Johnson product rather is it a very mild sort of fragrance which acceptable to your nose.  i have been using this product past 3-4 months and I am really very happy with its use. As per the claims it really proves its worth. It works absolutely perfect in removing your makeup. Simply pour it a little on the cotton swab and start removing your makeup. With every stroke of circular motion, you will see our entire makeup on the swab. It also works well on removing the mascara from the lashes. But ladies be cautious to close our eyes before you do that.  I prefer not to use this product on the water line to remove the kajal as I feel it might do some harm to my eyes. So I prefer using a makeup remover than this lotion.

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Coming to the moisturizing part of the lotion, this is so far the best face lotion to be used as a moisturizer.  Wash your face, pour some lotion on to the palm and then rub it on your face gently. Tada, you are done giving your face the required nutrition for the day. Don’t bother about the heaviness or oiliness and any other issue. It works wonder. I also use it before applying makeup and for regular daily use.

Next comes the toning property if the lotion. Being very frank to you girls, I did not find any improvement in my open pores with its use. So I believe it acts as a mild toner which may show its results with a very strict and regular use.  But any way this thing didn’t really matter because I use the other toner on regular basis.



CTM is important ladies. Do not forget to follow your routine. After all we all need to look young and beautiful.

I bought this product with the sole purpose of moisturizing my skin.  But the other benefits are additional brownie points.

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Yes for sure!!