Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees: Have A Complete Idea of The Saree and The Ways Of Accessorizing It

Women are considered to be God’s most amazing creations. For enhancing her intrinsic and charisma, fashion has always assisted her by offering a wide range of clothing in different colours, tones, designs, patterns, textures and materials. Other than these, accessories are also available for completing the overall look and making a woman look stunning. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a saree and pure Kanchipuram silk sarees are a must-have. These sarees hold an unexplainable appeal. They come with an evergreen style and are preferred more than the latest fashion styles.

Nowadays Kanchipuram is the main South Indian saree pursued by Opara and so on. It is one of the most popular sarees among each and every type and pretty much every ethnic design devotee woman will without a doubt keep this saree among the most loved saree’s rundown. Presently these days women love to drape Kanchipuram silk sarees in a wide range of events with satisfaction.

It is a 9 yard long saree with structures of temples decorated on it. Over some undefined time frame, Kanchipuram sarees got changed over in 6 yards with weaving of gold zari. Those are actually quite much expensive. So as to make it a little reasonable in price, usage of artificial zaris are seen which look practically like the original one. These sarees are accessible in an assortment of hues which is its uniqueness and that gives it an appealing and rich look.


The silk that is utilized to create Kanchipuram silk sarees are gathered from the mulberry worms through the strategy for sericulture. Many threads, mostly around 250-300 are utilized for weaving into the wept. This enables the saree to stay tough. The zari work present is commonly gold and silver but silver running is in first and then later covered with gold.

Dry cleaning is the most favoured technique appropriate maintenance. Kindly don’t keep these sarees inside any plastic pack. One can utilize some pre-washing strategies also. Remember to pleasantly overlay and keep the saree.

The forte of the saree lies in the weave, shine, durability and perfection is the reason it is prevalently known as the ruler among other sarees. The fabric utilized is the Kanchipuram silk sarees which is heavy and is additionally somewhat costly in view of its artfulness and weight. The heaviness of the saree decides or is the sole parameter of its quality. The more is the weight of the saree the better is its quality.

The cost of the Kanchipuram silk sarees range from INR 1.200-1,00,000 and is sent out everywhere throughout the world for the most part to nations like USA, UK, Sri Lanka, Italy, Australia, Canada and some more. These sarees are likewise utilized as the GI (Geographical Indication) labelled item by the Tamil Nadu government.

Since these sarees have an inherent ethnic appearance as well as feel, there are numerous accessories that can be worn with them to create a style statement. Mentioned below are some of the accessories that will complete your look in Kanchipuram silk sarees.

Unique Neckpieces: If you drape yourself in a Kanchipuram silk saree, you will definitely look beautiful. But to add a touch of elegance try to accessorize your look with vintage choker neckpieces. It is one such jewellery that is back in fashion. It will ideally complement the ethnic touch and richness of Kanchipuram silk sarees by including a tinge of latest and modish fashion. Most of these sarees have golden zari work. So to match it, always wear choker neckpieces in gold colour.

Traditional Earrings: Traditional earrings especially jhumkas look perfect with these traditional sarees. Women irrespective of their ages are seen to wear traditional jhumkas with Kanchipuram silk sarees as they adorn the beauty and grandeur of the sarees. These traditional jhumkas with complex gold carvings and ornamentation of gems match with the look as well as feel of these silk textures along with the borders in gold design.

Bindi: If you wish to sport a traditional look, then a bindi is a typical embellishment. It is also a part of the latest fashion craze. So after you drape yourself in a Kanchipuram silk saree, match a bindi with the colour hue of the saree or its border. You can also wear a bindi that goes in contrast with your saree.

So are you tempted enough and wish to include Kanchipuram sarees to your collection? Then get hold of a reliable online shop that sells genuine and fine quality at an affordable price.

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