Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream SPF 25 Review


The Kaya Complexion Perfector CC Cream comes bundled in a smooth dark fiber bottle with pump container. I lost the external brilliant pink cover some place amid my home cleaning, which likewise had essential data like the fixings.


The spout works fine, yet you need to keep the jug in standing position or it requires a considerable measure of investment and a significant number of pumps to get the item out which can be chafing on the off chance that you are in a rush.


The CC Cream itself is light beige in shading with no solid hint all things considered and that makes it superbly suitable for most Indian skin tones. The composition is light and being water based it spreads effectively and gets retained rapidly. In the event that you have dry skin you may require a cream underneath to make the mixing simpler. However that does not mean it is drying. The composition is ideal for all skin sorts. It saturates and controls oil in the meantime. I have blend skin, however the climate is getting drier, so I do utilize a lotion before applying this CC cream. Those in hot and moist atmosphere get rid of that also.


Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream remains focused around 4 hours on me after which it blurs and sincerely I have seen the no. of hours really depends a great deal on what minimal you are utilizing on top. With a sheer conservative utilized softly, following 3-4 hours skin looks verging on exposed a short time later. With a thick, medium scope conservative, skin searches fresher for quite a while. So everything relies on upon your inclination and necessity.