Khadi Herbal Shampoo Review

Hey girls, hope you all doing well. Today I would like to review one of our all-time need and essential product to keep our hair clean and hygiene. Yes, you are right, that is shampoo, and you’re guessing is absolutely correct.



Without a good shampoo we can’t maintain our hair clean and hygiene. The main purpose of using shampoo is to clean the scalp and hair. So if we use a chemical shampoo means it will cause hair fall problem any many damages like producing grey hair, rough hair, dull hair, frizzy hair and split ends problem. That’s why I recommend you not to use chemical based shampoo. Specially don’t use paraben, SLS/SLES shampoos, because it will produce skin cancer also. So I recommend you to use this pure herbal shampoo which contains saffron, tulsi, reetha which all are pure ingredients and this shampoo contains no, no chemical products and paraben. So kindly give a try and become a big fan for this shampoo.




Has 2 year shelf life.


Saffron, reetha, lodhra, holy, basil or tulsi, shikakai.


Wethairs apply shampoo and lather, keep for five to ten minutes, rinse, repeat if required.


Excellent for dry, dull hair saffron provides protein tulsi is anti-bacterial reetha is a natural cleanser.

Khadi Herbal Shampoo


If I want to wash my hair and scalp means before shampooing my hair I just apply the mixture of almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil to my scalp and hair and massaging my scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes and leave my hair for another 20 minutes to get all the oils into my scalp and gives good nourishment and nutrients which helps to improve my hair growth and stop my hair fall problem. And after 20 minutes I take a 3 coins size shampoo in my hand and mix it with little water to dissolve it why I’m doing this step because if we directly use any kind of shampoo to our scalp means it will cause hair fall problems. And I apply dissolved shampoo to my scalp and rub it on my scalp for about five to ten minutes and leave it for another 2 to 3 minutes. And I wash my hair and scalp thoroughly using lukewarm water and I squeeze all the water from my hair and finally I apply some soul tree hibiscus hair conditioner and wait for another 3 to 5 minutes and finally wash my hair with lukewarm water.


This khadi herbal shampoo(saffron, tulsi, reetha) comes in a yellow,transparent with black flip-top cap. The white label contains benefits, ingredients, and direction of this shampoo content. The both the bottle and the cap are made of hard plastic and are very sturdy. The packaging is not so appetizing and vibrant its look very low quality, but it is a leakage – proof.

The shampoo is transparent with slight yellow color to it. It has a thick liquid consistency and thick.  It has a distinct and pleasant herbal smell. The fragrance gives wonderful mood while bathing!

My sister has a curly medium length hair. Although she actually had oily hair, only her scalp is now oily. She washes her hair thrice a week. She likes to do oil massage her hair the previous day of shampoo day as she really likes to use conditioner afterwards. The shampoo has been able to cleanse her oiled hair efficiently with little amount of the herbal shampoo. It did not leave any oily residue behind. Myself and my sister has been using this shampoo for  more than one month now and the result is very good and I’m really happy about it. The shampoo gives frizzy and dry hair this is the big problem for me. My hair fall problem also really reduced. All in all this shampoo has exceeded myself, sister and my mom’s expectation. I’m really happy. Don’t fail to try this wonderful shampoo.


  • Pure natural ingredients, no sulphates or sulphides or parabens,
  • Hair becomes very clean and hygienic,
  • Pleasant herbal fragrance,
  • Hair becomes aligned,
  • Long term benefits of healthy hair,
  • Reasonable price,
  • No oily scalp and oily residue formation,
  • Very Cheap and travel friendly,
  • Pure Natural and free of chemicals,
  • Gives natural shine to hair,
  • Cleans scalp and hair effectually,
  • Doesn’t give hair fall problem,



  • You should use conditioner and serum after every shampooing,
  • This shampoo is best for oily scalp.
  • Packaging is not so appetizing.
  • Makes your very frizzy and dry every wash.



Yes I will repurchase this shampoo definitely because it reduces my hair fall problem, has a nice and pleasant herbal fragrance. And leaves my hair and scalp very clean and hygienic, and the cost of this shampoo also really very very affordable, but this is not available in my state easily so I have to purchase from online shopping. So kindly give a try. And become a big big fan for this wonderful herbal shampoo.






  1. Don’t comb your hair while shampooing and after shampooing your hair because it will create a heavy hair fall problems and weakened your hair strand and hair root.
    2. Hair will become very frizzy after shampooing your hair so you should use conditioner. To keep your hair soft and frizz free.
    3. Massage your scalp gently on the roots of the hair every time, especially if you have a hair fall problem.
  2. You should dilute some shampoo in a little water and then clean your hair so that hair won’t get too frizzy and we can able to avoid heavy hair fall problems.
  3. Precondition your hair to nourish is must if you have a dull, dry, damaged and rough hair.
  4. Try this steps to avoid any type of hair problems and be happy.