Life In PG : My Experience, Benefits, Drawbacks, How To Find An Appropriate PG

After living a pampered life in home, it’s become quite hard for us to live with some strangers in a new place whether it is a hostel or a PG. People move to new cities because of several reasons like for a better life, for education or excel of career. When we move to new city, firstly we look for the accommodation. Yes, I am talking about PG and its life.

Mixed race college students relaxing in dorm

In most of the cities, PG is the best place to stay. It is a best concept for the home owners as well as tenants because home owner can make money by offering their room or home to tenants while tenants can get the safe and comfortable place to stay. Some PG offer the fully furnished room with all the modern amenities and food while in some PG, only room are available and the rest of things have to be arranged by the tenants.

My personal experience in PG

After completing my graduation, I took a very hard decision to get shifted in a metro city. From my birth till my graduation, I never ever lived alone, always got a lot of care from my parents and elder brother. Even I never share my room with anyone, with this condition I left my home, it made my parents cried because they don’t know that how I could manage in new place with strangers with sharing and all. On the other hand, I was stubborn and love food only made by mom. After shifting to PG in a new city, it was a complete different experience for me.

When I entered in PG, everything looks good. I got a two room partner, who was stduyting that time and I was working. So our time schedules were completely different like they studied at night and get up a little late in the morning while at that time I have to go office, so I have to sleep early and get up early in the morning too. It was little bit hectic for me in starting but as a time passed, I become habitual of all these things. I enjoyed their company; even I helped them in their studies as well. Now both my room partners are just like my younger sister. I learned a lot of things from them, we explored too many new places, we have done lots of masti, and much more in a very short time. Those days were really memorable for me.

Currently, when I think about some golden moments about my life, PG days are one of them.


Either you are a girl or a boy; if you have lived pampered life in your home then you should have to live in pg or hostel for new and real experience in your life. You have to live with people who have different thoughts, work profile, hobbies, interest as well as who belongs to different castes, tradition, state and much more because of all these things you will become an open minded, self depended and confident person. And there would be thousands of chances for you to learn numerous new things. Among strangers you will be able to find your family, friends and everyone and after some time, your room partners will become an important part of your life. There are lots of benefits of staying PG and some of them are:

  • You will get very good friends
  • In less amount, you can avail all facilities and services like accommodation, food, etc.
  • You can learn lots of things from your room partner
  • It is fully safe and reliable
  • In some PGs, you don’t have to do a single work. While when you are at PG, you can save money and parents will not worried too much about you because they knew that you are in a safe place
  • You become confident, self decision maker and disciplined
  • You will also learn that how to do your own work as well as how to manage your work in a systematic manner


If a thing has lots of benefits then it must have some drawback as well.  Yes, you are thinking right. Staying in PG has some drawback as well. For example:

  • There will be a time limitation (for night time arrival)
  • Lots of rules and regulations
  • You should have to share your room and washroom with room partners
  • Some PG owners won’t allow your parents, relatives and friends to stay in your home or room
  • You will not get privacy
  • Sometime you will get good room partners while sometime not

Why is it hard for boy/girl to choose PG in a new city?

It’s very hard for everyone to find a new place to stay which is safe and reliable plus  accommodation and all facilities should come under in his/her budget. Thus, PG would be a finest option for all because in less amount one can live and enjoy all other facilities like TV, fridge, food, etc. in that specific amount itself. But still a question is same that how to find a good PG in a city? Therefore, now with the help of latest technology you can find a good PG from your home itself, that means you can use the internet to find a good PG in a city. In every city, you will get a numerous PG, so you can filter it with your budget, facilities or by area.

Final Say

I suggest to everyone, whether you are parents, teenagers or working person that everyone has to live in a PG once. If you are a parent and worried about your kids but for their better future you should have to take a step to send them in a new place. So I will suggest you to select a good PG for your kid because when your kid live in a PG, he/she will become more responsible, confident and good human being. While if you are a student or working person, then you must have to live once in a PG for experiencing the taste of real life.