Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lip Color Review

This is a girly shading which can be stolen away effortlessly, its not a dull shade and not all that striking as well. Amid application, the rich composition permits you to swipe it effectively on the lips without much exertion; be that as it may, you can’t get the right shading in only one coat. You have to swipe more than once to really see the right shading on the lips. Likewise, similar to I said, the sparkle component found in the shot can likewise be seen on the lips when connected, it doesn’t vanish.

In addition, after you uproot the lip shading, there’s no sudden dryness on the lips. Along these lines, possibly it has saturating property as well. Working individuals or youthful youngsters would like this a great deal on account of two reasons. Firstly in view of its peach orange shading and furthermore on the grounds that it is pocket well disposed. Notwithstanding, what I didn’t care for about the truth the minute you eat something, it will begin blurring.


It would remain focused lips for a most extreme of 2 hours, and that as well in the event that you are not crunching something or drinking water or whatever other fluid. Besides, by chance if your hands go on the lips, it would quickly adhere to your hands and vanish from that specific spot making a void on the lips.




  • 100% vegan, so every one of the individuals who question alternate brands for their virtue, can attempt this.


  • There are numerous shades accessible in this extent.


  • Economical, not overwhelming on the pocket


  • Velvety in composition


  • Scent is simply amazing, you would love it.


  • Will suit reasonable skin delights better and upgrade their look.




  • Doesn’t keep focused lips for long.


  • In general, the item is of normal quality.