Mac Lipstick Magic of the Night Review

You folks have been going insane for this gathering on Instagram, so I needed to ensure you had full size photographs and data on the site too. These are only a couple pieces from the up and coming MAC Magic of the Night Collection, and they are relentless lovely! We should investigate.


Macintosh Magic of the Night


Enchantment of the Night has two In Extra Dimension Skin finishes — Oh, Darling, and Shaft of Gold. ($36 each)


Macintosh Oh Darling


Goodness, Darling is a genuine gold gleam. On my reasonable skin, it’s a pale blonde gold — however I envision both of these will look such a great amount of better as swatches on a skin tone darker than mine! It mixes pleasantly and leaves a lovely brilliant gleam to the skin, simply utilize sparingly in light of the fact that the sparkle is certainly there!


(In the event that you require an examination of Whisper of Gilt and Oh, Darling — it’s down somewhat further.)


Macintosh Shaft of Gold

Shaft of Gold is really and a coppery bronze sparkle — not a gold! It’s exceptionally pigmented too, so I’d utilize sparingly. I’m biting the dust to see this on somebody with darker skin than mine! I think it will look such a great amount of prettier on another person than on me. Macintosh Oh Darling Shaft of Gold swatch swatches


Here’s that swatch examination so a hefty portion of you have been sitting tight for!


Whisper of Gilt is somewhat more of a blushing peach than Oh, Darling. I know you may have been wanting to be hoodwinks! The brilliance is about the same; however there are some tonal contrasts. Macintosh Whisper of Gilt Oh Darling correlation swatches


This is my first involvement with Colourdrenched Pigments. I’m not acquainted with them, but rather they don’t feel as smooth as a customary eye shadow completion to my fingertips. While I thought Night Thrill ended up being somewhat fine with some aftermath, it’s still a flawless plated shade. Today evening time’s the Night had extraordinary color result for me, felt smoother and mixed a great deal all the more effectively. It’s a darker, about darkened greenish blue with glowing blue-green twinkle. In this way, SO beautiful! There are five shades accessible altogether. ($22 each)


  • Macintosh Night Thrill


  • Night Thrill


  • Macintosh Tonight’s the Night



Likewise with any discharge, dates are liable to change! This is what I know, by means of my MAC press data: Magic of the Night will be online on 10/18 and in-stores on 10/22 in North America. It is set for universal discharge in November. If you don’t mind check with your nearby retailers and your MAC store ASAP — some are tolerating pre-orders from what I am hearing out there in MAC gossip land