Manveer Gurjar can win in Big Boss Season 10 competition and he has the qualities to win in this contest



Manveer Gurjar can win in Big Boss Season 10 final. His outstanding performance, with entertaining capabilities will help him to win in this contest. He can attract the audience with his mind blowing stories. His speech is something which audience like to hear more and more. He has the capabilities to catch the attention of audience. In this show you need to be aggressive to win. You will have to take the charge and fight with other participants. Manveer Gurjar’s strong physical appearance and his temper will him to win in this contest. His capability to fight with other participants will keep him ahead in the competition. His capabilities of publicity make him unique. He is expressive and do not hesitate to express him. His acting is outstanding. Swimming pool and gym are included in this show to show physical appearance of the participants. There are a huge amount of people in the audience, who like attractive men and women. Manveer Gurjar’s physical appearance will certainly help him to get a huge amount of votes. Day after day his physical appearance is becoming wonderful. Bani is an attractive lady. With her beautiful appearance, her performances can help her to win in Big Boss Season 10. But, Manveer Gurjar’s patience with outstanding performances make him better candidate than Bani to win in Big Boss Season 10. Manu panjabi and Lopa Mudra are also strong candidates. They have a lot of fans. But, Manveer Gurjar is quite ahead to them in performances.

He is very confident in his performance. He proved his innate talent in his performance. His performance help him to gain fame very quickly. The audience is spellbound by his performance in Big Boss Season 10. In most of his shows Manveer Gurjar is able to hold the audience captivate. His unique techniques make his shows successful. This show help to gain fame quickly. By this show he became a superhero. He is now very popular among young generations. A huge number of people from audience will vote for him. His successful life as a student, businessman, social activist and many other qualities with his performance help him to become top candidate in this competition. He makes good relationship with Salman Khan. Salman Khan is very pleased with Manveer’s performance. Manveer comes from Noida. In his life he is a farmer. He is also a owner of dairy farm. Manveer studied in Delhi university. So, he has idea about every thing of India, which he shows in his performance. Manveer is giving loan to the people and  collecting money. Social media also portrays his good sides. According to Manveer, he is unable to control his temper. The websites or newspapers which collect the people opinions, those are saying that Manveer can win in this competition.