Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Stick Review


The pack is truly adorable, it arrives in a stick structure and this will speak to the youthful and more youthful ladiesĀ  I for one have cherished Color bar stick congealers so I knew this will be great as well, it likewise helps me to remember the Lotus herbals Natural mix stick, yet that is harder and not all that light.


The shades accessible are only TWO! Yes, one in Fawn and another in Radiance! Grovel looked excessively dull in the store lighting and this one I knew is lighter as well. The stoop has yellow connotations to it, this one is pink. It coordinated my wrist yet not my face. I can utilize it on the off chance that I set with a lighter powder.


The surface is delicate, actually it would appear that it is water-imbued you know, when you float it on, you feel some kind of dampness discharge, yet it sets like a matte powder wrap up. In a perfect world sleek skin could set it with powder, typical skin would utilize BB cream rather than this and ordinary skin rocks!


I attempted it in the moist climate here, it mixes extremely well, it mixes to an undetectable completion, if your shade is correct, this one goes minimal white on me however I can see it mixes seamlessly. The completion is matte for hours, after which my skin begins to sparkle a bit, so oil control variable is normal. It tends to wrinkle settle under the eyes as well in the event that you don’t set it with powder and thus ideally, I could utilize a powder to set it with.


It makes for an extraordinary base under the eyes and as an eye shadow as well. I have taken a stab at utilizing them as both, and I think I will purchase grovel and set it with a lighter powder and utilize brilliance as an under eye concealed




  • Pore less matte completion


  • Super mix capable


  • Stays put for three hours


  • Covers up gentle imperfections and under eye circles


  • Awesome for all skin sorts


  • Salicylic corrosive


  • Rich smooth


  • Moderate


  • SPF 21


  • Feels light


  • Extensively sweat safe like they claim