Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick – Hot Chilli M203 Review

Packaging: These lipsticks come in the same bundling as the typical Color show ones, yet its matte dark to demonstrate that the item is matte. The plastic it comes in has all the data about the item which isn’t much aside from the estimating and fixings. The red band shows that the lipstick inside is some shade of red. I like how tasteful it looks however I would have favored if there was no less than a Maybelline logo on it, yet it doesn’t mind. The bundling is pleasant, strong and travel neighborly.


Shading/Pigmentation: What do you think when you hear the word ‘Hot Chili’? You never relate bean stew with pink, would it say it isn’t? At that point why Maybelline? This is a dim pink shade! It’s not under any condition red or hot looking! 🙁 I’m upset to the point that it ended up being such a bummer shade! There, I was at the Beauty Center supposing I’d have a decent red lipstick accumulation, and now, staying here swiping it on my wrist, I feel swindled! I like the pigmentation yet not the shade. You can’t tell between the shades “Intense Crimson” and this one!


Composition: I truly cherish matte lipsticks that are rich and coast on effortlessly. This one falls in that classification. It’s smooth, skims on effectively, does not highlight dry fixes and saturates the lips somewhat. I truly cherish the composition.


Backbone: It kept focused a decent 5 hours or so on me. You do need to re-apply it following 3 hours or somewhere in the vicinity. It blurs somewhat with dinners in the middle of however that is alright. Thankfully, it doesn’t desert a stain


Smell/Taste: It has a lovely and exceptionally mellow scent to it which is scarcely perceptible. Also, once you put on the lipstick, you can’t notice it. It has no taste at all.




  • Fairly pigmented
  • Love the matte dark bundling.
  • Pleasantly pigmented
  • Saturates the lips
  • Smooth and rich, adore the composition
  • Fair backbone