My Relationship With My Mom

A lady who is soft hearted, who can do anything for their child is only “MOTHER”. Correct, today I am talking about the world’s best relationship, i.e. child and Mom Relationship. It is a relationship which is fully pure, filled with love and affection and which has no end.

mother and daughter relattionship

Each person has its first relation with her mother because she is one who gave a birth to a person. When kid open his/her eyes first time, then he/she saw his mother, she is a lady who stands with her kids in every situation either it is good or worst. She feel happy when her kids are happy, she becomes sad when her kids are in tension, depression or sad.

I never called my mother as mom, mummy, etc. every time I call her “MAA” this word is really especial for me as well as the relationship with my mom is also impeccable. We have very strong bonding. From childhood, I have very less friends because I never needed lots of friends, the reason behind that is my best friend from my childhood is my mother. She stands with me, each and every time, with my good time as well as in my worst time.

Since from my childhood, I was a bright student as well as very good in dance but my grand parents were not allowed me to perform dance on the stages and they have never given permission to learn dance as well. In this situation, my mom opposed everyone and admitted me in a dance school. With her efforts, I learned Kathak dance and become a national level dance competition winner. Apart from my hobby, she supported me a lot in my studies as well. My mother and father are God for me, they support me a lot and due to their support, today I am a software engineer (it was my aim to become a software engineer from my childhood) and working in MNC company.

Always Be a Friend with Your Mother

For every mother, their kids are very especial and on the other hand, for the kids, their mom is their best friend. You know friends, mothers’ are always alone. When she get married, she has to left her home, her mother, her parents, her family, everything and even their friends. After reaching in a new family, she tried to find new friends in their in-laws but few got success and most of them not. After being a mother, she wants to become a best friend of her son or daughter and she achieved success, but sometimes kids take her mom’s love and care as a burden which hurt her a lot.

Friends, we can make several friends in our life but our mother has only one friend and that is her son or daughter. So it is our privileged that we can become our mother’s best buddy and make her happy every time. You are an only one with whom she can share her secrets, her pain, her ups and downs, her previous story, her dreams, her thoughts and even much more that she can’t share with anyone. So it would be a fortunate for us, if we become our mother’s best friend forever.

mom daughter relation

Do something special for your mother

For achieving success in life, efforts and work determination plays a very important role but apart from that, blessings from our elders also play vital role. If you hurt your parents and achieve success then also you’ll not get satisfied with the results and your success because one gets happiness when their parents and family are with them.

Mom is a special gift from God, she is the only one who brings us on earth and gave life, so always be grateful to your mother and gave all kinds of happiness to her. She never wants money, jewellery or any precious things from kids, she just want care, love and respect. If you really want to do something for your mother, then give her a respect, talk her with love and take her special care. You can do few things daily for your mother:

  • If you are living far from your mother, then call your mother twice in a day
  • Ask her about health, has she taken food and medicine
  • Talk about her daily routines
  • You can ask her to come at your place to spend few days with you
  • Say I love you and I miss you to her
  • Listen her each and every words that she spoke on call, pay full attention on her words
  • Give a surprise to her on special occasion
  • Spend few days with her in a year, if it is not possible for you to stay at home, call your parents to your place
  • Now lots of technology available, so through the internet you can make video calls and see your parents daily
  • And much more

If you are living with your mother then you can also do few things, like:

  • Share each and everything with your mother without any hesitation
  • Never talk with your mother in high tone or in rude language
  • Help her in daily work
  • One day in a week, you can give a holiday to your mother and that day you can cook food to everyone and perform home activities
  • Daily ask your mother about food and medicine, has she taken it or not
  • Take her out of a home in evening time
  • Celebrate your happiness with her and share your problems and issues with her to get an appropriate solution

Final Say

Mother is a very important part in our life, a person who don’t have mother can only understand its pain. She is blessing of god and her wishes and blessing protect us from all the sins and keep us happy in this cruel world.

I advise you all, please respect your mother and give her happiness as much as possible, because she only wants some precious things from us that can’t buy from money i.e. love, affection, care, respect and your attention.