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My Struggle With Weight Loss And My Success

Most of people feel very embarrassing due to their weight and I was one of them, due to excess weight, it becomes difficult for me to survive in the society. Some of my family members as well as the society people and friends feel insecure with me and even they don’t want to move any where with me. I was in depression and avoiding to move somewhere, after someday I started work hard so that I can lose my weight, I have collected so much data from everywhere for losing the weight.

my weight loss

Mostly each and every technique of homemade remedies was used by me but not succeed, even I tried to go in gym, done lots of exercise to lose the weight. The best thing is that I have tried to do swimming as well for at least 1 hour in a day, cycling was become a part of my life.

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I also discussed with doctor about my weight and ask for the medicine with the thought that medicine will reduce my weight. After doing all these things, I understand that there is a lot of struggle in losing weight, but I am not ready to give up and tried to move on so that I can lose the weight. The main thing is that I know I am overweight and if I give up, then it would not possible for me to lose weight and if you really want to lose weight, then you can lose it with the help of various exercises, swimming, control on diet, and many more things. Finally after the great struggle and hard work I loss my weight. Now if anyone see me, they get shocked because I have a drastic change in my personality. There is definitely a way if you have a strong will.

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