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Online saree design ideas

Wedding is the most beautiful and special day in a bride’s life when she is ready to enter a totally different and new life in the journey. Weddings should be memorable and ethnic all long. Dressing up is the difficult job because one has to plan from sarees to jewelleries. And there is not one function but a whole lot of ceremonies in an Indian wedding. From Sangeet to reception, the bride has to steal hearts of many. With, it becomes easy for brides to choose their favourite sarees and buy them at prices that are so reasonable.

The first thing that comes to mind in a wedding is to get a gorgeous saree that goes perfectly with the wedding. helps a bride to style up in the same that she loves the most. The various categories of sarees available in are listed as under:

Online saree design ideas


  1. Banarasi Sarees

Made with high quality banarasi silk, these sarees have jacquard work embellished in them. The embroidery of these sarees is heavy and they are made with both modern and contemporary designs. The lace borders in most add to the charm of the saree.


  1. Bandhani sarees

These sarees are those colourful sarees great for mehendi or sangeet. These sarees are elegant and bandhani work is done on the border of the sarees. Yellow, blue, pink, red, etc. are some colours, which are used in the making of these sarees.


  1. Heavy work sarees

These sarees are best for the main day. Heavy work sarees are mostly make of silk or satin. They are perfectly designed with heavy embroidery on the borders of the saree. The border and zari work make these sarees a stand out piece in the ceremony. Costs of these sarees are high but they are worth the cost.


  1. Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are those simple sarees that are made of one colour. Tussar silk is used in the sarees they are light and comfortable to wear. The finishing of the saree is quite glossy and most of these sarees are self-woven.


Blouse design

After choosing a saree to go with the wedding functions, the next important thing is the design of blouse that has to be chosen precisely. A saree can look good only when the blouse design matches with the style. helps you in searching for the right blouse design.

Online Blouse design ideas


  1. Readymade and contemporary design

Most girls prefer readymade blouse because they come stitched and they just have to wear it. The blouse can be of full sleeves or sleeveless. One can prefer a round neck or a V-neck. Square neck also looks good with certain sarees. Readymade blouses cannot be stitched again, which is the disadvantage of those.


  1. Semi stitched

Semi stitched is that design of blouse, which is stitched in some parts, and some parts are not stitched properly so that if it does not fit, the blouse can be opened again. Bandhani, Batik, etc. are some works that can be expected in the design of a blouse.


  1. Unstitched

The best thing is to buy an unstitched blouse. Blouses are normally provided with sarees and you can stitch them according to your size. In that way, you can also give the design and choose the work in your preference order. Some girls prefer modern style blouse while some are more into the traditional style.


If you are confused about what to wear in your wedding, is here to help and they can help you to choose the best so that you shine among the rest!