Natural Makeup Tips For Indian Skin

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Hope you all are doing well 🙂

Are you worried about your makeup, or want a natural looking makeup for your face, then no need to worry because here I am. I am sharing natural makeup tips for Indian skin that will really helpful for you, so here are the tips:

  • Firstly, clean your face or remove the previous makeup
  • After that, apply some moisturizer on your face. For getting a natural look, use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because the moisturizer contains SPF.
  • Apply the concealer under your eyes or any blemishes. Use the same color of concelaer of your skin, just apply it on the spot.
  • Apply a powder foundation, ensure yourself that the makeup product like concealer, powder should be matched with your skin color
  • Apply Bronzer, it will help you to give the natural glow
  • Apply Blush, if you don’t want to use bronzer, then you can use the blush. Crème blush is much better than the powder because it is long lasting and gives you a dewy look.
  • After that, use eyeliner for your upper lash line
  • Use eyeshadow, for a professional look, use two shades of eye shadow
  • Apply Mascara
  • Try to use natural color lip color or lip gloss
  • Apply a tiny amount of shimmering on the center of your lips

Thus, these tips will give you the fresh, dewy and radiant look. And all these tips or steps are fit for Indian skin.

Natural Makeup Tips For Indian Skin