Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Cream Review

Packaging: The cream comes fixed with a silver fold which should be uprooted before utilizing the cream. It accompanies a white box which I discarded.


I have skin inflammation inclined blend skin so I am entirely watchful about picking skincare products. This cream is very light textured. It’s truly moisturizing, so oily skin individuals ought to utilize a less sum.


It makes my sleek mix skin marginally oily inside of an hour. So if one is applying this while running out, setting up with powder is a must. As far as shine is concerned, my skin glowed a bit yet not what I expected.However, I did not utilize this twice every day as mentioned, because of its somewhat oily texture. When I began utilizing it regularly, I saw some little skin inflammation on my cheeks after that I stopped. Since then I have been utilizing it on and off. It is not an absolute necessity have cream, one may effectively avoid this one. If you have dry skin, you may try it out.






2-Light textured


3-Quite Moisturizing


4-Imparts tad bit shine




1-Not suitable for slick skin


2-No SPF


3-Makes skin oily