Born between 1980 and 2000 are the Millennials who are 20th century’s last generation and indeed its first digital one. The tech-savvy generation of the quickly evolving technological world comprises of ⅓ of the total population. The young generation is surging constantly and is highly indulged with social media and mobile phones. The demanding drive of this age group is so strong that it is dominating the entire retail sector and e-commerce. Merchants are under the complete influence of this category for their products and services in the market. This target group is not only leading to the introduction of new products but also is changing the game of the online retail sector. Spinning the wheel of Roulette with maximum bets, this sector has a lot to give to the society and is going to impact almost all the sectors of an economy.


It is not an unknown fact that teenybopper love to stay connected with their laptops and mobile devices much more than their family and living members of the society. The surprising fact of the same is their connection and attachment might have incurred losses to parents (in terms of love and affection) but is definitely engrossing high amounts for the retail sector and the GDP of the economies of the world. Across the globe, the Millennials (young adults in 20s and 30s) are a potent force who are young in their careers, having children and are living in their own homes. They are completely opposite to the so-called dependents of the family from the previous generations. This independence at an early age has led to such an advancement that they are the most privileged customers of the retail sector and is considered as the priority for the customer satisfaction.



Online fashion shopping has risen above all other modes of shopping for the past few years. Every age group has been indulged in it and so is our youngsters. Technology and Internet advancement have led to an increase in fashion, shopping online for the latest dresses and fashionable items.

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Teenagers not only take the latest dresses and latest dress designs as their sole motive for the fashion, but also indulges in a few other accessories, footwears and modes of shopping which they term as fashion. Buying the latest dress designs through online shopping fashion site means fashion to them. This is one of the biggest reasons why online fashion shoppingsites is extremely loved by them and is acting as a sales booster for the online fashion retailers.


  1. Smartphones and apps:- Holding a mobile phone in hand is far more convenient rather than sitting in front of the desktop screen all day long. A handy option gives rise to comfortability and more usage, which is the first most reason of love towards online fashion shopping among the teenagers. Apart from handling the mobile phone, the technological advancement of conversion of a mobile phone to a smartphone has hyped the online fashion industry. Smartphones give an easy opportunity as their presentation on the small screen is more user-friendly to look for the best possible latest dresses, latest trends, browsing for various coupons and current fashion dress designs.


Not only this, the smartphones have an access to easy apps of retail websites which are a further advancement to shopping in easy modes. The apps are specially designed for such smartphones and the websites are modified for the apps to have a better access to the user. Above all, such apps even provide coupons and discounts on its use and the tech-savvy generation avails such opportunities to locate latest dresses, and make easy purchases feeding their credit card details easily via smartphones.


  1. Use own resources:- A juvenile’s life is not that easy as it is perceived. Adults feel there are no responsibilities on them whereas they have more responsibilities to handle in terms of their online fashion shopping. They have got less financial resources and thus, shop via online rather than speciality stores. Looking for the latest dress designs at cheaper rates makes it easier for them to dress like a diva or a Fashionista and get privileged in front of her gang.


The latest dresses which they gain attention on the retail websites range from dresses to skirts and shorts. Skater dresses, LBDs, maxi skirts, jumpsuits and Playsuits are being leveraged as they range from the lower ends to higher ends and thus, teenyboppers get options to  buy them online from shopping websites and dress them up or down as per various occasions and events. The latest dress designs which are in buzz in the Bollywood and Hollywood are modified in own versions by dress designers and such replicas are sold at lower values which reach the pockets of the younger generation.


  1. Celebrity influence and peer pressure:- Adolescents are quite influenced by celebrities and their latest dress designs which are worn by the ramp-walking supermodels and Bollywood stars. Such latest dresses are either showcased in fashion magazines or on the internet. The internet is one such option for youngsters to get known to all those latest dresses and designs. Once such dress designs are available to youngsters they are easily influenced and get ready to dress them up for their next fancy occasion. Dressy and glamorous parties need such latest dress designs for rich and famous looks.


Teenagers are quite brand conscious but not that much brand loyal. Such brand consciousness is sometimes developed because of the influence of the peers who surround them and stay with them. And not only this, the approval of purchases and its latest dress designs are quite inevitable, especially for girls. So the family and the friend circle make ways for their purchases and the latest dress design approvals.


  1. Easy research:- The latest fashion trends and dress designs are needed by every young lady for her individuality among her circle. Research and exploration for all such latest dresses get easier online. It is quite arduous for the juveniles to window shop the brick and mortar stores. Looking from store to store, the efforts go in vain and results in nothing in their hands. While the internet allows them to easily search with a few clicks and less time. Not only the latest dresses are available within no time, but also, variety of hues and patterns are offered with price comparison which makes it more accessible for the teenyboppers.


Top shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Myntra, Stalkbuylove, Jabong and much more can be searched one at a time for the latest dress designs rather than surfing one by one which saves time and effort leading to much better fruitful results.


  1. Social media:- Social media:- Young generation is much more connected to social media via websites like facebook, twitter, Instagram and much more. These websites have enhanced the knowledge of online fashion shopping among the young generation. These social networking sites are reported as the most important media social influence in the beginning of every season. Retail websites chose such mediums to reach out to their target audience and offer special discounts and coupons if purchases are made through such websites. As the younger crowd is much more addicted to them, they use most of it and get the best of latest dress designs in the commencement of the season.


Thus, online shopping fashion has led to huge ups in its journey and all thanks to the tech-savvy people of our society who are continuously involved in exploring and shopping the latest dresses and latest dress designs from such websites. A few of the latest dresses exhibited by Stalkbuylove are as follows:-


shirt fashionLight Euphoria Shirt is the latest dress design which could be used pretty well for the upcoming season. The cold shoulder look with a knot at the front is super chic style and could be paired with a pair of denim or shorts to suit the body type.

Sway dress

Sylvie dress Sway dress in an off-shoulder style in blue and white combination can be the next wardrobe functional attire for you for weekend functions. Dress it down with flip flop gladiators or sandals and a sling bag and a beach hat to set the casual trend.


Sylvie dress is the most awaited glam night style which could sizzle the party when you don it up with red pumps and red clutch with dark red lipstick. Nothing beats this one shoulder look in its sensuality and elegance when dressed up perfectly.

Bernie Dungarees can be the latest dress design in your wardrobe collection for those lousy weekends, late night  movies with friends or  a long travel journey to your grandma home in the vacation. The epic combo of blue and white is simply perfect for the summer season and can be dressed down with white flat sandals for the chic look.


More collection is available at the website itself with complete details and price range which can definitely make some room in your closets in the latest dress design collection.