Oriflame Fairness Cream Review

I requested this cream for a specific client who needed certain Oriflame items from me, yet she never returned back so I had no other alternative yet to keep the cream for myself. I generally forgo utilizing such decency creams, and haven’t try whatever other cream attempt since I got my HG in Revlon’s touch and gleam face cream. In any case, I have been utilizing this since two or three months now and the outcomes aren’t that terrible, so considered investigating it here today.


About Oriflame Essentials decency cream with mulberry concentrate and Vitamin E


Oriflame Essentials Fairness cream is a consistently confront reasonableness cream that contains mulberry concentrates and vitamin E for that shining skin.


Value: INR 89/ –


Amount: 50ml


I like the scent of this cream which is very mellow flower and relieving to the faculties. The cream is somewhat of a vanishing cream that mixes and gets retained well by my sleek blend skin to give a matte completion. The matte completion isn’t super matte like you get from different reasonableness creams, however simply dewy matte sort of completion. The good thing is that the cream feels to a great degree light on the skin.




1) It accompanies pleasant convenient tube bundling with a screw open top, which is hygienic and safe to convey.


2) The cream is similar to some other face cream, white in shading. It is neither too thick, nor excessively runny.


3) I like the way it gets retained into my skin, leaving a dewy-matte completing which remains focused the length of 1-2 hours. After that I simply need to apply conservative to avoid any slickness along my T-zone.


4) I’ve discovered it entirely moderate at the cost and amount. On the off chance that you get hands on this in Oriflamme’s offer season then shockingly better!


5) Oriflame does not test its items on creatures.




1) I don’t consent to reasonableness claims. It didn’t do anything terrible to my skin, however didn’t benefit anything either!


2) Availability: You have to contact Oriflame specialists to get your hands on this

3) Contains Parables.


4) Though it gives a dewy completion to my slick mix skin, I think it may make sleek cleaned marvels all the more sleek so can’t prescribe it for them.


On the off chance that you need a pleasant face cream for ordinary wear while staying inside, then you can get this. I don’t feel it to be a flat out purchase. Its decency claims remained a puzzle to me as usual.