Oxyglow Saffron And Liquorice Fairness Cream Review

It is a decency moisturizer that contains saffron and shoe wood extricates. It has a solid scent of saffron and shoe mix. I’ve an entirely reasonable skin and dryness is making my skin look sketchy. I’m utilizing this item to try and out my skin. This cream has a very thick consistency and has a smooth white shading. Pump makes it helpful to utilize furthermore diminish wastage of item. Two pumps are all the more sufficiently then to cover entire face and neck.


I’ve mix skin that turns into somewhat dry amid winters. I’m utilizing this salve amid night before going to bed. It gives great dampness to my skin and there are no dry fixes left any more. Indeed, even I can feel the dampness all over till next morning. It doesn’t make my skin slick or messy rather it gives solid sparkle on the skin. It doesn’t feel substantial on skin and is totally consumed by the skin. Furthermore, to the extent decency is concerned I don’t think it will make anybody reasonable. I simply don’t comprehend the reasonableness rage, for me sound skin is the thing that one ought to go for.

The item cases to give a profoundly saturated immaculate reasonable skin and I do concur with its case to give profound miniaturization. I’ve not saw any dry patches after use of this salve and it continues as before for next 7-8 hours. It makes my skin delicate and shining, yet I think it may make my skin slick amid the summers. Be that as it may, for the present I adore this item. It is recommended to utilize this item twice per day for better results; however I’m utilizing these items just once amid sleep time. There are two reasons why I’m not utilizing it amid day time, first it doesn’t have SPF , so not suitable amid the day time and second it has a solid scent that goes on for more timeframe , which I for one don’t care for. I can’t wear solid aroma, it actually gives me cerebral pain. Other than that it is a decent cream that contains common fixings which are not unsafe to skin. It makes an awesome showing with regards to for my blend skin and I’m certain it’ll give better results for individuals with typical to dry skin.


OxyGlow Saffron and Sandal Fairness Lotion Price in India: Rs.180 for 120ml.


What I Liked:


  • Light on Face


  • Less Expensive


  • Normal Ingredients


  • Great Miniaturization


  • Dependable


What I Disliked:


  • Solid Fragrance


  • Decency Claim